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Alaska coffee table serves as canvas for M&M art

It takes Hannah Mendelsohn twenty minutes to drive from her Juneau, Alaska home to the grocery store and back. When she started creating patterns with M&Ms on her living room coffee table, she had no idea she’d need so many. “I kept going to the store and buying more [M&Ms],” Mendelsohn said. “I probably went […]

Candy Review: Hershey’s Special Dark Coffee Kisses

What’s not to love about a Hershey’s Kiss? It’s such a perfect little morsel of chocolatey goodness. I’d have to say the only problem I have with them is having enough patience to methodically unwrap each of the little guys when I am just anxious to shove a whole handful into my mouth. Well, I […]

Candy Review: Caffe Acapella Coffee Bars

I’m one of those weird people who loves the taste of coffee but don’t really drink the stuff. I’ve never understood the wonderful alchemy, that captivating mixture of sweet and bitter, which constitutes the perfect cup of coffee. I gleefully eat coffee-flavored hard candies and I’m often compelled to wander into a Starbucks to order […]

Candy Review: Shock-A-Lots – chocolate covered coffee bean candy

Holy [expletive deleted] these things are good! Shock-A-Lots are chocolate-covered coffee beans, but they also have a candy shell over the chocolate. Think of a Peanut M&M, but replace the peanut with a coffee bean and paint all the shells “radioactive warning sign” yellow and you have Shock-A-Lots. The Shock-A-Lots website proclaims that they “are […]

Review: Candy from Split Bean Coffee

You wouldn’t think a company called Split Bean Coffee would make candy, but they do. They sent me a package of all kinds of stuff to review – mostly candy and marshmallows, but some other things too: Southern Peanut Brittle (seen above): I’ve never really cared much for peanut brittle, so I’m probably not the […]