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Candy Review: Mitchell Sweets Vanilla and Chocolate Caramel Marshmallows

I seriously love marshmallows. Maybe it’s their association with summer and autumn campfires, hot cocoa, and Rice Krispie squares. Or maybe it’s just their incredibly light, fluffy, gooey texture and delicious vanilla flavor. (Though “vanilla” is often used as a shorthand for “boring,” is there honestly anyone who doesn’t like the flavor?) So I was […]

Candy Review: Amella Artisan Cocoa Butter Caramels

photos in this post courtesy of Anthemic Tangle I had the distinct pleasure of sampling Amella’s Artisan Cocoa Butter Caramels and OMG they are decadent and scrumptious. These caramels have an incredible texture – just a bit chewy and so creamy and buttery that they just melt in your mouth. Passion Fruit: Out of the […]

Candy Review: Werther’s Originals Caramel Milk Chocolates

Hard butterscotch candies may be almost as ubiquitous as fruit-flavored hard candies, but there’s always been something different about Werther’s Originals. Perhaps it’s their delicate balance of sweet and salt, or perhaps it’s the fact that they’re made with real cream and butter, but in a candy market filled with generic butterscotch candies, there’s only […]

Candy Review: Russell Stover Marshmallow and Caramel Marshmallow Eggs

I’ll be honest with y’all – when I think of high-end chocolate, Russell Stover isn’t exactly the first brand that springs to mind. It’s grouped in my mind with companies like Palmer and Allen as lower-end chocolate companies that probably aren’t doing much worthy of a serious Candy Addict’s notice. But then I started to […]

Retro Candy Flashback: Slo Poke Caramel Suckers

Before it became a Pokemon character, Slo Poke was a caramel sucker produced by the Gilliam Candy Company. Now, it is a true sucker, as opposed to a lollipop (though they are interchangeable words in our diction, they are not necessarily the same thing). Originally manufactured by the Holloway Company in 1926, these eventually were […]