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Free Butterfinger Tshirt offer

Hey, want a free Butterfinger t-shirt (and who wouldn’t)? I just saw over at HeyItsFree that you can signup to get a Butterfinger Activation Kit that includes a Butterfinger T-shirt and some miscellaneous other Butterfinger paraphernalia. I’m not saying to lie on the forms, but if at first you don’t succeed … try, try again. […]

Candy Review: Nestle Butterfinger Stixx

Brian’s review of Nestle Crunch Stixx not only inspired me to try them, but also lit a fire under me to find the Butterfinger version. I paid 88 cents at Wal-Mart and got two individually wrapped Butterfinger Stixx in a box for a total of 1.21 oz of candy. The Stixx have a modest 85 […]

Candy Review: Wild Ophelia Peanut Butter and Banana Milk Chocolate Bar

Mass marketed chocolate isn’t necessarily bad – in fact some of it is downright tasty. However, since it’s easily accessible, we’re far less inclined to put it on a towering pedestal in the same way that we might with costly yet typically higher quality artisan confections that have limited distribution.

Candy Review: Baby Ruth Crisp

Candy Addicts everywhere praised Nestle when it released its Nestle Crunch Crisp and Butterfinger Crisp, wafer spin-offs of the classic confections. It seemed only a matter of time until the gurus at Nestle decided to take their next most popular candy bar and give it a “Crisp” makeover. That’s right. Baby Ruth. The All Candy […]

Retro Candy Flashback: Baby Ruth

Butterfinger and Crunch are the stars of Nestle’s confectionery lineup. They get more advertisements on TV and have each undergone various spin-offs over the years. Whenever I hear those candy brands, I think of a grouping of candy rather than an individual piece of candy. Their ubiquitous nature has rendered them undefined and associative. In […]