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Candy Review: Pop Rocks Chocolate Bar

Last year, I reviewed the Limited Edition Chocolate Pop Rocks and while quite tasty, my biggest complaint was the lack of candy in that small Pop Rocks envelope. Pop Rocks has decided to solve that problem by releasing a 2.33 oz “Mega Bar” of milk chocolate with Pop Rocks mixed in. It comes in two […]

Pop Rocks Presents: Build Your Own Skeleton Pops

Have you ever wanted to build your own skeleton out of lollipop sticks? Pop Rocks is now giving budding Frankensteins the opportunity to piece plastic bones together into complete skeletal bodies. Strange timing for this new candy to come out (wouldn’t the announcement be better off closer to Halloween?), but the Build Your Own Skeleton […]

Pop Rocks Cotton Candy Explosion

Cotton candy and Pop Rocks. The combination seems kind of weird at first. On the one hand, you’ve got your cotton candy. It’s sugary and wispy and fluffy, and it melts the moment it hits your tongue. When a handful of Pop Rocks hits your tongue, you definitely know it by the way it crackles […]

Pop Rocks Partners with American Idol

The sixth season of Fox’s popular reality series American Idol is under way, and Pop Rocks is coming along for the ride. Pop Rocks is launching a new song contest: I Want to be a Pop Rocks Star. Kids enter by writing a song about their favorite crackling, popping candy and must send it in […]

Peculiar Pop Rocks Facts

No other candy has served the American imagination more than Pop Rocks. Okay, maybe the stories surrounding M&Ms could compete with the ones spawned from Pop Rocks, but you have to admit, dying from ingesting candy and Coke is pretty remarkable. What’s just as remarkable is the real life history of Pop Rocks, told in […]