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Candy Review: Black and Red Licorice Piglets

My life continues to have meaning. Recently, I experienced the pain of realizing my subscription to the Licorice of the Month Club was about to run out. Luckily, the good folks over at Licorice International offered to enroll me in their Candy of the Month Club, which I gladly accepted. This month, I got to […]

Candy Review: Michel Cluizel “Les Champignons”

French chocolatier Michel Cluizel cranks out an amazing selection of fine chocolates, from single-origin bars to hot chocolate. The family-run business even processes its own cocoa beans, so you know quality is the name of the game. I have been lucky enough to try a small selection of Cluizel chocolates. I’ve had some of the […]

Another Oddly Named Candy: Pigall

Cybele over at The Candy Blog has come across another oddly-named candy for us to add to our collection. This one is a chocolate bar called Pigall and is made by Marabou which is part of the Nordic division of Kraft Foods (so don’t expect to see it in U.S. stores). In general, naming a […]

Candy Review: Fear Factor Gross-Out Gummy Pig-Out Platter

Yesterday, Victoria reviewed Fear Factor Gross-Out Gummi Pizza and today I’m reviewing the Pig-Out Platter. Oddly enough, we both independently chose to buy and review Fear Factor candy this week. What are the chances? I found the Gross-Out Gummy Pig-Out Platter on the close-out rack at my local candy shop. It was normally $2.99 but […]

Candy Review: Hot Tamales 3 Alarm

When slathering food with hot sauce or freshly ground chiles no longer delivers a sustained stream of endorphins to fire breathing humanoids like myself, additional sources of that highly addictive, recreational burn are frequently sought out.