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Candy Review: Vermont Nut Free Maple Cremes

As a resident of the state of Vermont, I can tell you one thing: people up here love their maple candies. If you walk down Main Street in my town, you’ll see maple sugar candies in several shop windows, a small piece of Vermont for locals and tourists alike to celebrate and enjoy. I felt […]

Candy Review: Brown Family Farm Pure Maple Candy

Unless you live in some horrible utopia without seasons, fall has descended like a warm – cold – blanket, wrapping you with wet leaves of many colors, harbingering hot cocoa, carved pumpkins, and whatever autumnal cliché you want right here. But most importantly, when there’s a nip in the air, we all know that a […]

Candy Review: Hobo Beans – Maple-Flavored Jellybeans

Right now you’re probably wondering why Candy Addict would be reviewing something called Hobo Beans in the first place. Well, if you’ve been reading us for any amount of time you’ll recognize the name Archie McPhee and a light bulb will go off above your head (not literally, but you get the idea). From bacon […]

Candy Review: Lollyphile’s Absinthe and Maple-Bacon Lollipops

There are several ways people approach eating candy. One of the main two is nostalgia for a specific candy and the other is the adventure some candies offer; some people just like enjoying their tried-and-true treat from their childhood and others love to try the newest and craziest candy for the experience. As a true […]


Vroom Foods makes Foosh Mints and Buzz Bites. What is the seventh ingredient in Buzz Bites as listed here?