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Friday Funny: The Touch of the Princess

Once upon a time there lived a king. The king had a beautiful daughter, the PRINCESS. There was a problem though – everything the princess touched would melt. It didn’t matter what it was made of: metal, wood, stone… anything she touched would melt. Because of this, men were afraid of her. Nobody would dare […]

Friday Fun: The Great Flying Mintini

Altoids has a great website despite it being almost all Flash (which I hate for navigation). In their Flash game “The Great Flying Mintini” you must control the angle and power of Mintini being shot out of a cannon. Try to grab Altoids tins while flying through the air and you MUST land in the […]

Friday Fun: Goetze’s Enchanted Forest

(click for larger version) When I was a kid, I loved to solve Where’s Waldo puzzles and stare at hidden picture games. While checking out Goetze’s website, I found the Enchanted Forest and took a trip back in time. Goetze’s makes delicious Caramel Creams, Cow Tales, and other chewy candies. Their cute cows are often […]

Friday Fun: Juicy Fruit Sweet Shot Basketball Game

Shooting hoops is a great way to start the weekend, but if the boss won’t let you out before sunset, check out Wrigley’s Candystand Sweet Shot Basketball. It’s a fairly simple arcade-style game that works on the basic concept of tossing balls through the hoop as often as possible in 90 seconds. The Juicy Fruit-themed […]

Friday Fun: Airheads BingBong

While poking around on the Airheads website and checking out the coupon for a free Airheads, I found a great game for this week’s Friday Fun. It’s got a ridiculous name: Airheads BingBong. It’s a paddle game like Pong or Arkanoid, but it’s in 3D. You have to bounce the ball down to the ground […]