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Dollar General Store Candy

I stopped by my local Dollar General Store the other day (which isn’t a dollar store, but a store that sells cheap stuff priced in dollar increments) and found a bunch of great candy. The candy will be great fodder for some (funny) reviews, so this week will be “Dollar General Store Candy Week” and […]

Licorice Candy Review: Gustaf’s Platinum Sweet and Licorice Dollars

Gustaf’s Platinum Sweet As many of you know, one of the highlights of my life is receiving my monthly selections from Licorice International’s Licorice of the Month Club. Sadly, this was not my month. This time around, we received Gustaf’s Platinum Sweet and Licorice Dollars. I started off with the Gustaf’s, but was immediately defeated […]

Name That Candy: Dynamints

Finally a “Name That Candy” that I got right – I haven’t been doing very well with those lately. I received this email today from a reader named Tom: I dont recall much. From the 80′s – red/purple/orange tic tac type candies that came in a horizontal (rectangle) flip top plastic container. There were single […]

Review: Cotton Candy Chubby Soda

This is another Dollar General Store find from a little while back. Before the review, we have to address the name – Chubby. Whose bright idea was it to call a soda Chubby? I can only assume it was named for the cute little Chubby bottle it comes in and not how you look or […]

Review: Tutti Frutti Hit and Candy Sticks

Two more Dollar General Store candy reviews today…the first one is Tutti Frutti Hit. These are essentially Tic Tac knockoffs. The Tutti Frutti pack contains many different colors, each is a different flavor. The flavors are: purple is grape, yellow is lemon, orange is orange, green is green apple, and red is strawberry.