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Comprehensive List of Nintendo Candy

What’s the best thing to eat while playing Nintendo? Candy, of course. If you can’t play Nintendo though, you may as well be eating Nintendo candy. Presented here is a rundown of all the Nintendo-themed candy we could find.

We first noticed Nintendo’s presence in the candy world back in October with a post about Kliks. The Nintendo Kliks dispense Au’some Bubble Gum and Smarties. Mario (red), Link (green), and Donkey Kong (brown) cost $1.25 each.

Nintendo Klik

Then, we found Nintendo Power mints packaged in a replica tin of the NES controller. The coolest thing about these is that the controller tin is almost actual size! Brian even found some at the World Market and picked up one for his collection.

Nintendo Power Mints

Next we have a miniature plastic GameCube that lights and makes sounds. This container is filled with assorted Nintendo character gummi candy.

Nintendo Game Cube Candy

Below is the Nintendo Ladder Game Candy. The Nintendo Ladder Game Candy retails for $1.29 and is an actual game. The object is to put assorted fruit candy pegs on the ladder and try to get to the bottom without knocking off the candy. Mario and a couple of his friends and enemies are represented on the candy blocks.

Nintendo Ladder Game Candy

Next we have the Gameboy Advance candy. “Each container is designed to replicate the look of the actual Game Boy Advance. Open the front lid of the container to unveil an assortment of delicious fruit flavored Nintendo Gummy Characters. There is a total of 5 different Gummy characters ( Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Link, Diddy Kong ).”

Nintendo Gameboy Advance

Even better, Au’some Candy is producing Nintendo Marshmallow Jelly Pops, Jelly Pops, and Magic Pops. The first two are probably hard to collect though since they are almost entirely edible and won’t store well.

Nintendo Marshmallow Jelly Pop

Nintendo Jelly Pop

Nintendo Magic Pop

Going back in time, Au’some Candies used to make Mario Bombs that were filled with powder candy. We contacted the company that made them (Au’Some Candies) and asked when they were discontinued and we were told that when 9/11 came along, they were pulled from the stores and they stopped selling and making them (so if you have any of them lying around, they might be worth a few bucks).

Nintendo Mario Bombs

Au’some Candies also used to make Mario Bubble Gum:

Nintendo Mario Bubble Gum

Here we have the Nintendo Game Boy Bubble Gum and Trading Cards.

Nintendo Gameboy Gum

Au’some Candies also makes these “Nintendo Power Pop Candy”. They come in strawberry and sour apple flavors.

Nintendo Power Pop Candy

Below you see the discontinued Mario Kart 64 candy. They must have been out during the heyday of the N64. Comes in Donkey Kong and Mario and each contains fruit-flavored, sour, crunchy candy Nintendo Characters (the candy comes in 5 different Nintendo characters). A spokesperson from Au’some Candies says these were never actually produced but I have seen these mentioned fondly on various forums/blogs on the internet, so I’m leaving them here.

Nintendo Mario Kart 64 Candy

This one comes from SuperJesseMario – it’s Nintendo Sweet Spin Yo-Yo Candy. These came in Mario and Donkey Kong. “Sour apple stinger & sour strawberry pucker bubble gum tape”.

Nintendo Sweet Spin Yo-Yo Candy

Nintendo Sweet Spin Yo-Yo Candy

Here’s another one from SuperJesseMario – it’s a generic tin of Nintendo mints. They were probably given out at some Nintendo event or maybe at E3.

generic Nintendo Mints

Of course, no pop icon can survive without being immortalized as a PEZ:

Nintendo PEZ

According to the package, these Nintendo Game Disk Containers contain a bubblegum disk and includes a collectible sticker. When you’re done with the gum, you can use the container to store your GameCube games.
Nintendo Game Disk Container

These Nintendo Tattoos and with Bubble Gum were made in 1989 by Topps (the trading card people) and each pack contains 1 sheet of 14 tattoos and 1 stick of bubble gum.
Nintendo Tattoos and Bubble Gum

Below you see the Nintendo 3D Gummy Candy. It looks like you get 12 in the pack and each pack comes with the “latest game tips”. It’s good to see they went all out and made the candy 3D. Two-dimensional candy always makes me hunger for that other “D”.
Nintendo 3D Gummy Candy

The Nintendo Super Mario Bros Sour Candy Mushroom below came on the scene in late 2007 at numerous online retailers. “The Nintendo candies are available in sour cherry, raspberry and lemon line.” When you’ve polished off the mushroom-shaped candies inside you can use the tin as a case!


This Nintendo Wii Candy Dispenser was shown at the 2007 All Candy Expo. No word when they will hit stores.

Wii dispenser candy

These last two were sent to me by readers. I have no further info on them. If anyone has info, let me know!
Super Mario egg

Super Mario Toffee

Even though I think all of the above are cool, my favorite Nintendo-themed candy is still the collection of mini PEZ dispensers. Wario’s face is perfectly menacing, and I like that he’s represented among the usual group. We’re pretty sure they were only officially released in Japan, so getting your hands on a set my take some effort.
Nintendo Mini PEZ

So, did we miss any? If so, let us know by emailing us or by leaving a comment on the blog post that references this page.