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Gum Review: Wrigley’s Gums (New and Improved?) Mini Roundup

+ New Improved Flavor! Companies everywhere seem to think that changing their products will increase sales. From the “new” Coke to putting purple horseshoes in Lucky Charms, big businesses love to change. And doesn’t it seem that the best tasting treats get changed the fastest? In the late spring of 2008, the 117 year old […]

The Great Chocolate Experiment (Part 3) – Because You Asked For It

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Great Chocolate Experiment, where I, your humble researcher, aided by my Research Assistant and Tasting Panel, apply the Scientific Method in order to determine which foods taste good with chocolate – and which do not. In Part 2, as you may recall, we discovered that chocolate-coated sun-dried tomatoes and […]

Candy Review: Anastasia’s Coconut Patties

Candy eating can be a bit depressing this time of year. Halloween is over, and the only thing left in the bottom of your kids’ plastic pumpkins are butterscotch Dum Dum suckers and peppermint Star Brites. To make matters worse, the winter holidays are still far enough away that it requires real work to find […]

Candy Review: Archie McPhee Bubble Gum Cigarettes

I fondly recall candy cigarettes, both the gum and the chocolate versions, but I now wonder if it was some sort of ploy by the cigarette manufacturers to attract future users. Well, no matter! That was then, and this is now, and NOW there are wacky bubble gum cigarettes in interesting flavors from Archie McPhee. […]

Candy Review: Borrachitos Tequila Nuggets – Gourmet Caramel Candies

When we were first offered these review samples of Tequila Caramels, nobody on the staff wanted to try them. Tequila and caramel just doesn’t sound very appetizing. Since I enjoy a good margarita and have been known to do a tequila shot or two from time to time, I figured I’d give them a go. […]