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Elvis PEZ Dispensers

Ever since it’s appearance in The Client (how’s that for some candy/movie trivia?), collectors have been looking to get their own Elvis PEZ dispenser. Until now, it had only been in the realm of movies and fantasy PEZ makers, until now. Recently announced is the Elvis box set from PEZ. Including three, count ‘em THREE, […]

Candy Review: PEZ Mini Mints

Returning to their roots, PEZ recently released 2 new mint flavors. Not only are these candies smaller, but they’re a different shape than the PEZ candy than you’re used to. PEZ is obviously shooting for an older target age with this product. For one, the dispensers don’t feature clowns, or Ninja Turtles, or any characters […]

Candy Movie Review: PEZheads – The Movie

Many movies are released that sound like they are about candy, but aren’t. Hard Candy, Strangers With Candy, and Candy are a few recent ones. Recently a movie was released on DVD that actually is about candy – it’s a documentary about Pez and Pez collectors called PEZHeads – The Movie. The documentary covers many […]

The PEZnorah

Geeky productivity site Lifehacker is hosting a DIY Holiday Contest, where readers can show off their best festive projects for a chance to win prizes. Reader Laura wrote in to share a nifty and unique menorah she made with her daughter. So says Laura: My daughter and I made this PEZ Menorah for a menorah-making […]

Candy Pillows, Messenger Bags, and Tees

Looking for something new to drool over – or on, as the case may be? There are loads of candy-themed items online… you can find candy-shaped pillows, candy t-shirts, and candy-themed messenger bags – you’re almost sure to find something featuring your favorite candy, past or present. Be sure and check out this extensive collection […]