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Name That Candy: Cinnamon Balls in a Tube

I got an email from a reader named Jennifer today trying to find the name of a long-lost candy. We get many, many of these types of emails and 95% of the time I don’t recognize the candy so I refer them to our Name That Candy Forum. This one was different though. I, too, […]

Name That Candy: Vomit Head Ooze, Melty Mints, and SweetTart Lollipops

Once again it’s time for the game show craze that’s sweeping the nation: Name That Candy! Readers email about long-lost candy and we try to figure out what candy they are talking about. If you know what these candies are, leave a comment and let them know! Here’s one from a reader named David: There […]

Name That Easter Candy: Naked jellybeans, German taffy, and squished Kisses

Every week we do a Name That Candy post where we post descriptions of long-lost candy sent in by readers and you get to see if you can help figure out what candy it is. This one comes from a reader named Rachel: They were these jelly beans that lacked the outer coating that a […]

Name That Candy: gummi cardboard and boxed licorice tubes

Believe it or not, I get 2 to 3 emails per week asking if I know what some long-lost candy from someone’s childhood is. Previously, I had been answering the ones I knew and posting a few of the ones I didn’t. From now on, I will collect all of these emails each week and […]

Name That Candy: Shaving Cream Candy

In our never-ending quest to put names to childhood candy memories, we present to you another edition of Name That Candy. This one comes from a reader named Caitlin (and it’s not our staff writer Caitlin). This one only goes back 12 years, so it’s not quite as old as some of our other Name […]