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Candy Review: Quality Candy Choco-Crisps

photo courtesy of Anthemic Tangle Get ready for a slew of Quality Candy Company goodness because I’m in possession of a treasure trove of quality goodness! First up: Choco-Crisps, a new release from Quality Candy. I thought these were going to be some kind of chocolate wafer thingy, but I was surprised to discover they […]

Candy Review: Mango Altoids

I don’t know about you, but when I think Altoids, I don’t think fruit. They’ve done a good job promoting themselves as a mint company. When I saw these I thought, aren’t they just making trouble for themselves by branching out? You do one thing well – why not stick to it? On the other […]

Candy Review: Pucker Pieces Gourmet Candy Tarts

The compressed dextrose candy has long been a staple item of childhood candy diets. Never heard of it? You probably know it better as SweeTarts, Runts, and dozens more – that hard, yet powdery, melt-in-your mouth candy with the tangy flavor and slight cooling effect. With Pucker Pieces Gourmet Candy Tarts, Creative Concepts Inc. (best […]

Candy Review: Werther’s Originals Caramel Milk Chocolates

Hard butterscotch candies may be almost as ubiquitous as fruit-flavored hard candies, but there’s always been something different about Werther’s Originals. Perhaps it’s their delicate balance of sweet and salt, or perhaps it’s the fact that they’re made with real cream and butter, but in a candy market filled with generic butterscotch candies, there’s only […]

Candy Review: Lollipop Labs Lollipops

I had the pleasure of reviewing some of Lollipop Labs unusual lollipops this weekend. Given that they have flavors like “Dirty Martini” and “Earl Grey,” I would recommend these lollies more for the discerning Candy Addict than for, say, your five year old. A couple of general notes: these lollipops don’t have a lot of […]