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Candy Review: de la Rosa and Mi Mazapan Peanut Candy

One of the things I always find interesting when traveling in the United States is the prevalence of Hispanic culture compared to in Canada – I guess Mexican immigrants who make it over the border into the United States are usually content to stop there rather than venturing further north. In my limited experience, it […]

Candy Review: Pierre Marcolini Truffles

I have a ton of candy left to review from the All Candy Expo, but I decided I needed a small break from upcoming candy to review some of the candy I already had that happens to have a short lifespan. My good friend Greg was kind enough to pick up some candy for me […]

Candy Review: Hanuta

Where I currently reside, Munich, Germany, chocolate is in abundance. All different kinds and textures; milk, dark, fruit-flavored, white, crunchy – the list goes on. All too often, a chocolate craving leads to a serious dilemma: what to buy and which flavor will satisfy even the most intense chocolate craving. Recently, while in the throws […]

Candy Review: Ikea Milk Chocolate With Hazelnuts

I have a terror of shopping at Ikea. The stores are so huge and there is only the one exit and pretty much only one route to get there. I always get about halfway through and wonder if I will ever make it out of the store. Of course, if you did have to spend […]

Japanese Candy Review: Hi-Chew American Cherry, Melon, Lemon

For a while it looked like you’d never see another non-chocolate candy review from me. I discovered that my local Japanese markets are now carrying the Mango flavor Hi-Chew that I reviewed so enthusiastically a while ago. I bought a large quantity and felt that now, my life was complete. Well, as far as non-chocolate […]