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Candy Addict Discovers Water on Mars!

On Saturday, my wife and I took our six year old daughter to Astronomy Days at the local museum. Since I’m a geek and love all things Sci-Fi, I have a special place in my heart for astronomy and hope to pass that on to my daughter. Astronaut Roger K. Crouch, Ph.D. was the special […]

Candy Book Review: The Chocolate Guide

Total Chocolaholics, such as myself, know that there is no shortage of books about chocolate. I’m pretty much an expert on the history of chocolate, and I’ve pored through dozens of cookbooks detailing how to temper chocolate, cover anything in chocolate, bake with chocolate, and so on. So, it’s a little exciting to come across […]

Nintendo Wii Candy Dispenser and Mario Kart DS Candy Container

(click for SUPER SIZE image) At the All Candy Expo earlier this year, I happened upon this Wii Candy Dispenser protected behind a glass case and I had to stop. It was at the Au’some Candies booth along with a bunch of their other Nintendo-themed candy. The company showed it to me behind the glass […]

Alaska coffee table serves as canvas for M&M art

It takes Hannah Mendelsohn twenty minutes to drive from her Juneau, Alaska home to the grocery store and back. When she started creating patterns with M&Ms on her living room coffee table, she had no idea she’d need so many. “I kept going to the store and buying more [M&Ms],” Mendelsohn said. “I probably went […]

M&M’s Wedding Cake

Image from dahliascakes When looking at this gorgeous wedding cake the first thing I thought was, “Thank goodness you can get M&M’s in single colors!” – because otherwise some poor person would have a heck of a time sorting out M&M’s (not to mention licking off enough red dye to get that pink… ). This […]