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Manly Jelly Belly Flavors

(image from if it wasn’t obvious) Bertie Bott and Beanboozled have nothing on these beans.

Candy Art: George Clooney Immortalized in Jelly Beans

Is there anything sweeter in this universe to look at than George Clooney’s beautiful mug? (Ladies, am I right?) Well there is one thing, it turns out, thanks to the Jelly Belly Candy Company. The gourmet jelly bean manufacturer commissioned artist Roger Rocha to create a mosaic likeness of the Academy Award winning actor using […]

RUNTS RANT!: How Nestle keeps dropping the Wonka ball

Candy is serious business. Well maybe not exactly, but it’s generally thought to be a bad idea to muck with things that people are personally invested in. No matter what it is, someone out there loves it and they’re going to be angry when it changes. Case in point: Willy Wonka substituted cherry and lime […]

Peep These Pics – Pronto!

Seems like Easter’s never gonna get here, doesn’t it, Candy Addicts? I mean, how long do we have to gaze longingly at the rows and rows of pastel sugary goodness in the aisles of the supermarket before we get to wake up to find a basket of our very own? For a quick, sugary burst […]

Candy Contests: Peep Show

(image courtesy “Peeps Are A Girl’s Best Friend” is the title of the winning entry of last year’s Peeps Diorama contest. Yes, you heard me right. There’s such a thing as a Peeps Diorama contest. The folks over at the Washington Post have started this yearly contest showcasing the favorite Easter treat to test […]