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Candy Word Games

(image from Retro Tuckshop Direct) Candy-related games should be a part of every Candy Addict’s life. Who among us did not start out playing Candy Land? More grown up candy-themed games are ones that usually involve lobbing sweets at someone’s head, or using candy as a game piece for a board game and so on. […]

Candy Fun: Get Your Halloween Game On!

The next best thing to trick or treating on Halloween is handing the candy out, am I right? That way you accidentally have extras afterwards that you can only get rid of by eating all yourself! Now you can dish out Halloween candy all year round. The creative geniuses at took this idea and […]

Are you the Ultimate Candy Addict? Win $500 worth of Candy!

I love candy. You love candy. We all love candy; that’s why we’re here, isn’t it? But do you love candy enough to write about your addiction for a chance to win even more candy? (Okay, silly question for the readers of a candy blog.) Well, Blair Candy is giving away a $500 shopping spree […]

Gourmet Chocolate Tasting Game

Ever sit down with your family, friends and fellow Candy Addicts for an evening of board game fun yet can’t bear to play another round of Candy Land? Well, the UK company Gourmet Games has your solution with its “Gourmet Chocolate Tasting Game”! The purpose of the game is to be able to correctly guess […]

Stop motion retro video games done with candy

(image from Game Over) Anyone that knows me knows I love retro video games, and when video games are combined with candy, I am in heaven. Some clever people have made some amazing stop-motion movies that show classic videogames done with everyday household objects – some of them even candy! Some of the games you […]