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Great Geysers Kit – Mentos and Soda Made Easy

Maybe the whole Mentos + Diet Coke craze is well-worn. Candy Addict’s first post about this phenomenon dates back to October of 2005. In Internet historical reckoning, that’s around the same time as the extinction of the dinosaurs. Even the Mythbusters got into the act, exploring the scientific principles that govern the geyser. Now ThinkGeek, […]

Candy Review: Flic’n'Lic Candy

What catches you eye with candy? Is it the colors? The placement on the shelf? The promise of a familiar favorite contained within the wrapper? For me, it’s a bit of everything but I’m also a sucker for the design of a candy. If there’s something clever and unique about its presentation, I’m all over […]

Lotta Luv’s Candylicious Lip Balms

In the 6th grade, the curse of alphabetical seating forced me to sit next to a boy named Jason who was my constant tormentor. His favorite pastimes included scribbling on my homework papers, throwing small wads of paper at me during class, and calling me “Rachel Pachel” (my name does not lend itself well to […]

PEZ Photography

PEZ just made your life a whole lot easier, whether you know it or not. Aside from the sweet taste, convenient portability, familiar faces and collectability, PEZ fans have taken a bold step forward to help you take better photos. Say what? The clever folks over at have created a way to affix an […]

My First Candy Shop

Have you ever wanted to own your own candy shop? Imagine, gazing at the veritable rainbow of candies all around you, just waiting to be eaten. You could dole out candy into a little bag, weigh it, stick a bow on it and send it on its way to be enjoyed by a fellow Candy […]