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Catch Squishy Fishies Gummy Candy

Did someone say gummy sardines? If not, you should have, because the Squishy Fishies available on’s candy page are a hilarious idea and come in a whimsical plastic case. I’ve never eaten sardines – gummy or otherwise – but I have marveled at the cool tins that efficiently package the dead fish. The Squishy […]

A Sweet Retreat: Candy Home Decor

What better way to express your love of candy than with candy-themed furniture? Our friends at Jellio are at it again, busy working on a candy button bench (see below) – which looks suspiciously like a strip of candy buttons. Previously we wrote about their GummiLights range of lamps – they look like giant gummy […]

PEZ for Pets – Dog Treat Dispenser

Gone are the days when a t-shirt or other non-edible item with a candy logo was a rare find. I can walk through almost any major store now and find something with a candy theme – scarves, pillows, even dog treats. Is it licensing overkill, or just good fun? I’m still on the fence, but […]

Sweet Decor: Chocolate Coasters

When I figured out that my love for all things chocolate and candy was a little more intense that your average Joe, I did what most any person would do. I looked for ways to incorporate my love of sugar into my personal style! I sought out clothing, scarves, pillows, and anything I could get […]

Nintendo Wii Candy Dispenser and Mario Kart DS Candy Container

(click for SUPER SIZE image) At the All Candy Expo earlier this year, I happened upon this Wii Candy Dispenser protected behind a glass case and I had to stop. It was at the Au’some Candies booth along with a bunch of their other Nintendo-themed candy. The company showed it to me behind the glass […]