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Candy Review: Sugar Factory Couture Lollipop

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Sugar Factory Lollipop

I am not what most people would call fashionable. From my short stature to my complete disdain for makeup to a wardrobe described by former neighbors as “like a cartoon character,” I’m probably one of the least chic people you’ll ever meet. But I’m a complete Candy Addict, and am intrigued by pretty much anything new and different that happens in the world of sugary goodness. So when I was given the opportunity to review a lollipop that serves double-duty as a fashion accessory, I wasn’t about to say no.

Judging from its website, the Sugar Company looks to be one of those brands that’s more about style than substance. Most of the products on offer are cleverly packaged, overpriced versions of old standbys easily found in your nearest mall. Chocolate-covered gummi bears, saltwater taffy, licorice mix… solid, dependable candies to be sure, but nothing really unique to the company.

The Sugar Factory’s Couture Pops, though, are their real claim to fame. Comprised of interchangeable, bejeweled sticks and color-coordinated candy heads, these just might be the coolest candy fashion statements on the market right now. They even come with ringing celebrity endorsements. Yep! Britney Spears, the Pussycat Dolls, and Kim Kardashian are all big fans of the customizable lollipops.

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Candy Review: Teenee Beanee Jelly Beans

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Teenee Beanee Jelly Beans

Three years ago, I found myself working as a “Mad Scientist” for a similarly-named company. Donning a white lab coat, goggles and a goofy pseudonym, I traveled far and wide to spread scientific curiosity and slime to as many schools and birthday parties as possible. These “Mad Science” programs had all sorts of themes. They were all interactive, and messy.

One of our most popular themes was “Taste and Smell,” and it wasn’t hard to see why – the “class” involved scented slime and a taste test. The blind, nose plugged taste test was supposed to demonstrate that what we call “taste” is really 80% smell. We used generic jelly beans. The results were undeniable – without their distinctive hues and scents, the flavors couldn’t be distinguished. Grape was identical to lemon!

While taste may be mostly smell (and I’ll admit the two are linked, but I’m skeptical of the 80% figure!), the part that’s not smell makes quite a difference. Especially when it comes to jelly beans. Consider Jelly Belly – even with your nose plugged, there’s no way you’d ever confuse the warmth and mildly salty tone of their Buttered Popcorn flavor with the rich fruitiness of their Strawberry Daquiri. As far as I’m concerned, the beloved little beans have nothing in common with the blandly syrup-flavored variety utilized by Mad Science.

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Candy Review: Dove Promises Milk Chocolate With Peanut Butter

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Dove Promises with Peanut Butter

It’s no secret that Dove makes some of the best mass-produced chocolates on the market. With its super-smooth texture (resulting from high levels of cocoa butter) and an unbeatable chocolaty flavor, it has always seemed a cut above the Hershey’s and Nestle brands sold alongside. And their venture into the “miniature” chocolates arena, Dove Promises? Melt-in-your-mouth and perfectly satisfying. Seemingly sinful, yet pretty much guilt-free.

What might come as a surprise, though, is that Dove has only recently released its take on the classic chocolate-peanut butter combo. Though I hadn’t seen a Dove peanut butter candy before, I’d always just kind of assumed that one had to be out there somewhere. Every sort of chocolate, I’d thought, had its peanut butter, and vice versa. So when a bag of new Dove Promises Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter arrived on my doorstep, after recovering from my initial surprise, I was eager to try such a great brand’s take on the blend.

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Candy Review: Necco Mighty Malts

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Mighty Malts

When you think about it, the malted milk ball is an unlikely candy. There are so many flavors in the world which simply cry out to be made into chews or suckers, or to be dipped in chocolate for the happiness of sweet-tooths everywhere. Fruit, vanilla, coffee, caramel… even unmalted, sweetened milk and its richer cousin, cream are obvious contenders. The powdered mixture of milk, wheat and malted barley, originally marketed as late-nineteenth-century baby food, would seem less so.

Yet when I first tried malted milk balls so many years ago at a nearby bulk candy shop, I didn’t find anything strange about them, or think too much about what “malted milk” actually was. I just knew they were darned tasty. That’s probably why the chocolate-coated nuggets have remained popular, despite their unusual basis, for the better part of century.

The most popular name brands of malt balls are Hershey’s Whoppers in the U.S., and Mars, Inc.’s Maltesers in the U.K. I’d always assumed these to be the only brand name representatives of Maltball-kind. On a recent expedition which took me deep into the heart of the CVS candy aisle, though, I discovered a third competitor. An extra-large milk carton of a container bearing the name “Mighty Malts” stared me down from the very top shelf, where – as we know – all the best candies still waiting for their moments in the spotlight are kept.

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Regional Candy Spotlight: K Chocolatier by Diane Kron

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K Sensual

Ah, Malibu, California. A land of endless summer, where twenty-seven miles of ancient rocky coastline collide with crystalline ocean. Where rock-hard beach boys and beautiful surfer girls ride the waves just moments away from hillside manors of the rich and famous. Home of elite equestrian clubs, five-star detox resorts… and fine, European-style chocolate.

If that last item came as a surprise to you, you’re not alone. Malibu is, after all, starlet territory, and as we all know the it-girls around these parts prefer to subsist on water, air and salad. Thus, it was through pure luck and coincidence that, on my way toward a non-candy related venture in Oxnard, I discovered the splendid K Chocolatier by Diane Kron.

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