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Candy Review: Kimmie Candy ChocoRocks and Sunbursts

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Kimmie Candy ChocoRocks

It’s rare that a candy company can impress me with some new and interesting products, but the people at Kimmie Candy have done just that. Stranger still was that I opened the box of treats from them and thought, “What the….?” (but in a good way!) I had the pleasure of sampling two of their products – the ChocoRocks and the Sunbursts – both of which impressed me with both taste and originality.

ChocoRocks are exactly what they sound like they should be – “boulders” of chocolate covered in a candy shell so that they look pretty much like they’ve just come out of your garden bed. Sunbursts are dry roasted sunflower kernels which are covered in cocoa and then a colored candy shell – you can purchase them as color themes (Christmas, Easter, etc) or in single-color bags.

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Candy Review: VE2 Energy Gum

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VE2 Energy Gum

One of the treats I got from the All Candy Expo was this pack of VE2 energy gum. It’s candy with a conscience – the packaging is very minimalist and it says, “To save trees & make less trash this package avoids using a paper sleeve wrap.” I love the idea that a medium which traditionally relies on packaging for impact can be promoted in a environmentally friendly way.

Developed over a period of 2 years by an ER doc, one packet of VE2 is equal to five cups of coffee. The press about VE2 claims that you can absorb caffeine through your oral membranes faster than via digestion – so in theory VE2 gives you a quicker energy hit than your usual energy drinks. I’m one of those people who can drink a can of coke or a espresso before bed and still fall asleep with no problem, so I viewed this gum review as a bit of an experiment.

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Candy Review: Dorval Sour Power Gumballs

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Dorval Sour Power Gumballs

Q: What do you get when you cross one sour-loving Candy Addict with a whole sleeve of sour power gumballs?

A: One very happy customer with a very sore jaw.

I wasn’t all that excited to get these gumballs, since I’ve had a particularly long run of not-really-sour sour candies to eat lately. The package also said “made in Mexico” and we all know how I felt about those Mexican candies. Gum is one of those things which is difficult to get a good sour flavor with, unless of course you fill it with some sort of lethal mix of citric acid and scary chemicals. Even then I find that sour gum products are sour for about 2.35 milliseconds before they just end up being a chewy, grainy, sweet mess. There was a definite audible sigh as I busted open this sleeve.

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Candy Review: White Chocolate Passionfruit & Roasted Almond Rocky Road

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David Medlow White Chocolate Rocky Road

Rocky road is one of those candies whose parts I love individually. Marshmallows, chocolate, a jelly of some kind, nuts… these elements on their own are delicious. Put them together and voila! instant candy (or ice cream) hit. Rocky road, to me, is a bit like pizza… even when it’s bad, it’s good!

Holding this candy in such high esteem really only means that one day, I was bound to fall off my candy high horse, wasn’t I? Well, dear readers, that day has come. I initially picked up this box of David Medlow Rocky Road because it not only had all the right elements, it also had a bit of innovation. The whole delicious sounding combination of passion fruit, white chocolate and roasted almonds had me drooling just by thinking about it. There was also a dark chocolate and orange version, but this one’s flavor combinations seemed more purchase-worthy.

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Candy Review: Nestle Heaven Bars

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Nestle Heaven Bars

“To share or not to share, there is no question” declares the side of my chocolate truffle Nestle Heaven bar… and I have to say no truer words were spoken. These three flavors – chocolate caramel, chocolate truffle, mint truffle – are among the most delicious, addicting, totally fabulous chocolate bars I have ever tasted. It took precisely one bite for me to come to the conclusion that this range of chocolate bars qualified for the Awesomely Addictive Candy Award.

Every single part of these bars is lovable, and awesomely addictive – from the funny yet elegant packaging, to the feel of the chocolate, to the taste of each piece. Each of these is gold foil wrapped and then completely contained by a cardboard box. The box opens at one short end, so you can slide out your chocolate bar and then slide it back in if you manage to stop yourself from eating the whole thing. The boxes are covered in funny sayings, like “If I have to choose between you and my chocolate, you won’t like the answer.” The descriptions on the back are edible enough without even getting to the chocolate, with brilliant copy like this: “…the delightful mint truffle center oozes through your mouth…” Oozes, people. It oozes!

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