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Candy Clothing: The Ultimate Footwear for a Candy Addict

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Xhilaration Candy Shoes

One of the first things I do upon meeting someone new is to check out their shoes. Although this probably makes me shallow and superficial, you really can learn a lot of helpful shallow and superficial information about someone by glancing at their footwear. Obviously, I go through life assuming that people will likewise judge me by my shoes. And knowing this, you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this pair of adorable, candy-themed canvas flats.

Were I to meet someone while strolling about in these shoes, I’d hope that they’d deduce the following facts about me. First, they would see that I am the type of person who chooses footwear based on its ability to allow me to run from predators. They may then note the playful color scheme or the adorable Mary Jane styling of the shoe and then decide that I’m a girl who appreciates a cute, versatile pair of shoes. But most importantly, they would see the playful lollipops and wrapped candy and be certain to realize that I love the sweet stuff. This may cause them to produce from purse, pocket or fanny pack the appropriate sweets that would therefore buy my love or friendship. Genius plan, no?

You can find the Xhilaration® Suzi Mary Jane Skimmers online at and as of now, they’re already being offered at a discount. No excuses, candy-loving ladies (and gentlemen with dainty feet)!

Marcella’s Top Five Most Embarrassing Candy Moments

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Chocolate Chamber Pot

I like to think that I’m not the only person who has a long list of embarrassing moments. We’re all human, after all, and I know at least some of you have accidentally walked into a wall or two or ripped the seat of your pants at an inopportune moment. These things happen–possibly to me more than most. As a result of my undeniable knack of humiliating myself and my likewise undeniable love of all things candy, I’d like to share with you my Top Five Most Embarrassing Candy Moments.

5. The Chocolate in my Pocket. After an intense conversation about my future with The Boss at work one day, I made an emphatic gesture with my hand and then shoved it into the pocket of my pants. I immediately felt the undeniable squelch of a forgotten and completely melted piece of a formerly wrapped Dove milk chocolate. Apparently, I made a face. The Boss asked what was wrong and I was forced to admit what had happened.

4. The Sweatshirt of Shame. On my sixteenth birthday, my mother had the bright idea to take an oversized teal sweatshirt and safety pin wrapped pieces of candy all over it. My mother claimed this was the thing to do for a “sweet sixteen” and insisted that I wear the atrocity to school.

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To Grandmother’s House We Go: The Return of The Candy Dish

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As a child, I used to love to go to my grandmother’s house and raid her candy dish. From this translucent glass dish, which sat expectantly on the coffee table in her living room, I unwrapped my first root beer barrels and lemon drops. Later, these gave way to those mints that explode into powder as you bite them and the tiny Italian candies shaped like fruit that I can never seem to find anymore. Maybe I’m just feeling a little sentimental and missing my grandparents and my childhood, but I think I’m ready to bring back the candy dish.

Uncommon Goods Incline BowlNeedless to say, it is time. My candy supply is overflowing from its dresser drawer. Yes, it is a large drawer. And that’s just what I have hoarded in my apartment. Rather than go the traditional crystal route to present my stash to visitors, I’m thinking about something a little modern like this Incline Bowl from Uncommon Goods. This small but stylish bowl practically begs to be filled with brightly colored gum drops or jelly beans. It’s also versatile enough that it can be placed anywhere in my home – like on my nightstand. You never know when you’ll have a craving, after all.

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Retro Candy Flashback: Cow Tales

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Goetze's Cow Tales Vanilla
Although I don’t consider myself to be a picky eater, I’ve been told that I tend to dissect my food. This is particularly true when said food was once alive and has the ability to surprise me with an unexpected texture or color. I hate to admit that this attention to food detail has in the past extended to candy. I am referring to my hesitance to try Cow Tales.

My early experiences with this candy involved seeing it displayed alongside bouquets of Slim Jims at convenience stores. This frightened me to my very core as a child. And as a teenager. And to this day. Does the close proximity to mechanically separated chicken parts mean that there could possibly be an actual cow’s tale in this unassuming white wrapper? What exactly is a Cow Tale? And is the spelling just a clever ruse to distract me from the fact that I may be about to consume an actual appendage?

Let’s just say I overreacted a little bit.

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