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Candy Review: Crème de Menthe and Chocolate Crème de Menthe Altoids

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Dark Chocolate Dipped Creme de Menthe Altoids

I’ve always appreciated the aggressive nature of Altoids. They simply aren’t a wallflower candy. Instead, they are more like the uncle who has one too many at family gatherings and inevitably ends up dancing with his shirt off or passed out under a porch. These are mints you eat with anticipation. You know that there will be flavor, oh yes, and sometimes it may slightly overwhelm you with potency. But, like the expectation of a wacky uncle’s trademark bad behavior, there is something comforting about the flavor and effectiveness of Altoids. After all, they consistently freshen even the most critically vile breath.

The new Crème de Menthe and Dark Chocolate Dipped Crème de Menthe are no exception. And I’ll say it right now: they are delicious.

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Sweet and Stylish Candy Jewelry

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Looking to sweeten up your summer wardrobe? Why not add a little sugar with some candy-inspired jewelry! I’ve scoured the internet for fun, colorful and playful items that, when worn, may cause you to chase after ice cream trucks, build a tree fort, or play in a sprinkler. Yes, they are that inspiring and adorable.

Candyware Summer Gum Fancy Necklace
This Summer Gum Fancy Necklace from Candyware truly is simple and sweet. I love the bright colors of the gum pendants, and frankly, this necklace seems conservative enough to even be worn during office hours. Personally, I would buy all three colors and wear them like medals of candy honor. And I’ll be checking back at the site for the jewelry in development – the glass gumdrop looks so tantalizing!

Molly Brown Three Jelly Bean NecklaceI’m also enamored with the Three Jelly Bean Necklace from Molly Brown. I’ve been into charms lately and this necklace gives me the opportunity to choose my own beans. Interestingly, the “ice cream” colored bean looks similar to the delightful Jelly Belly Buttered Popcorn bean. I’m thinking that’s a good place to start color coordinating. Then I’ll get raspberry, and then orange and then… I will practice a little bit of restraint.

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Adieffe Concept Chocolate Bar

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Adieffe Chocolate Bar
If you are one of many consumers concerned about your candy’s nutritional information, you’ll be pleased to note the above chocolate concept, the “Rompibollo” from the Italian design group Adieffe. Their chocolate bar not only provides perforated, easy-to-separate sections, but each individual piece also displays its caloric content.

This is a huge bonus for anyone working at portion control or trying to learn how to improve eating habits. After all, it’s quite easy to ignore the tiny box of nutritional information printed on a Butterfinger wrapper. When faced with actually having knowledge of what you eat as you eat, people may make better choices – perhaps a tiny piece of this bar supplemented with a big glass of water and some sliced up fruit?

Personally, I would like to see this design concept go into production. Much like the zillions of 100-calorie pre-packaged snacks that have invaded the stores in the past several years, this chocolate bar fits right into the growing portion-controlled market. I hope this concept serves as an inspiration to the candy makers of the world. I know I will never stop eating candy (apologies to my dentist and waistline) and this chocolate bar could definitely be an asset to people attempting to fit candy consumption into a healthier lifestyle.

Candy Review: Damla

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Damla Assortment
I have a crush. I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ll be driving my car or typing away at work or sweating in the middle of a Pilates class when suddenly, wham! I’ll picture the object of my affection and my eyes will glaze over a bit. I smile just enough that one would assume I’m daydreaming about Clive Owen again. But sorry, Clive. You’ve got some competition and the name is Damla.

Damla, a Turkish import, is a taffy-like fruit flavored candy with a delicate gel center. Each piece comes individually wrapped and the flavors – apple, cherry, orange, peach and strawberry – are clearly labeled with darling little illustrations on their wrappers. The candy has a bit of a chew, but nothing that will destroy a filling. Actually, it takes on a lovely melty consistency after a bit of chomping.

And oh, the health benefits! The candy touts its fat-free status and at less than 20 calories per piece, I can easily justify eating five at a time for my daily empty calorie snack.

Is it worth it, you ask? Am I blinded by candy lust? Here’s the flavor breakdown:

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Candy Review: Rip Rolls

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Strawberry Rip Roll

Occasionally when I’m skulking around the candy section of a convenience store, a particular package will catch my eye. Often, what draws me is the flash of a brightly colored wrapper. Sometimes, it is because the candy is brand new to the familiar landscape of the aisle (like my newest obsession – the Indiana Jones’ Mint Chocolate Crisp M&Ms). But occasionally, I attribute my attraction to what can only be referred to as The Profound Gravitational Pull of Candy. This is how I discovered the Rip Roll.

Here’s the thing about The Profound Gravitational Pull of Candy. It doesn’t always mean true love. Am I pledging myself eternally to the Rip Roll? Certainly not. Do I understand why whatever higher power (or sugar craving) created and marketed this candy? Absolutely.

Rip Rolls come individually wrapped and are available in four flavors: strawberry, green apple, watermelon and blue raspberry. When I pulled off the exterior wrapper of my first Rip Roll, which was strawberry flavored, I was greeted with a single Rip Roll resting in a small plastic tray. I assume the purpose of this piece of plastic is to uphold the shape and integrity of the roll. It works. I placed the Rip Roll in the palm of my hand and I felt as though I had been presented with the most exquisite piece of candy on the planet. It looked magical. Were I five years old and opening this candy, you would be hard-pressed to convince me that it wasn’t invented by a unicorn, dragon, or Rapunzel. The pink whorl positively sparkles with sugar coating and this sugar is not just on the outside of the roll. Instead, it meticulously covers every inch of the advertised “forty inches of fun.”

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