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Gum Review: Orbit White Bubblemint BigEPak

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Wrigley's Orbit White Bubblemint BigEPak

Gum has been many things to me during the course of my life. Satisfying my sweet tooth was the main goal of chewing gum when I was younger. In my teen years and beyond, gum started taking on a more practical function of freshening breath. I still wanted something tasty, but I gravitated more towards sugarless gum… preferably spearmint. As gum also continued to evolve, more and more brands were offering smaller pieces of sugarless gum packed with a ton of flavor in order to freshen your breath as much as possible.

The problem is that sometimes these ultra-flavored gums can be a little too strong. Biting into a piece of minty gum should not accompany a breathtaking burn for the first few moments you are chewing until the salacious shock subsides. A happy medium can be achieved and this is where Orbit White Bubblemint comes in.

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Retro Candy Flashback: Garbage Can-dy

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Topps Garbage Can-dy

(image from Retrojunk)

As a kid, there are no two things more enticing in the world than candy and toys. So when the two combine together in some way it can have quite an irresistible impact. While PEZ dispensers might be the undisputed king in this novelty treat category, another contender from my youth that still tugs at nostalgic heartstrings is Garbage Can-dy.

Vividly I remember purchasing this Topps candy at the convenience store near my Grandma’s house. The package consisted of a small plastic garbage can that you could pop the lid off of to open. Inside you would find a variety of colorful shaped pieces of candy “garbage”: fish bones, bottles, old tennis shoes, cans, etc.

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RUNTS RANT!: How Nestle keeps dropping the Wonka ball

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Wonka Runts Rant
Candy is serious business. Well maybe not exactly, but it’s generally thought to be a bad idea to muck with things that people are personally invested in. No matter what it is, someone out there loves it and they’re going to be angry when it changes.

Case in point: Willy Wonka substituted cherry and lime with pineapple and mango in its popular Runts candy this past year with less than stellar response. Mango is a highly unusual flavor to see as far as candy goes, although I found the Runts version to be adequately pleasing. Pineapple, while usually popular enough, is executed horribly for Runts. Both the shape and the flavor are crude representations of actual fruit and it is not very pleasing to the eye or the tongue.

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Candy Review: Toffifay

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Exotic treats are not what you commonly expect to find on the candy rack of the local gas station. And though exotic might be a bit lofty when describing Toffifay (known outside the US as Toffifee), its unique nature compared to its store shelf neighbors definitely makes it stand out.

I recall first running across this Storck product when I was young. I wasn’t a very big fan back then of toffee (unlike today) and avoided this odd confection at first. But the curious looking box the candies came in intrigued me, particularly the beautiful rendering of the candy on the front of the package that didn’t appear to be toffee-like at all (which it’s not).

Imagine my surprise the first time I opened the package. The box is open at the top with paper enveloping all sides. Once you push your thumb through the paper and pop open one side of the box you discover a golden plastic tray hiding inside with four inch-wide cups each containing an individual Toffifay piece.

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