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Candy Review: Vermont Nut Free Maple Cremes

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Nut Free Maple CremesAs a resident of the state of Vermont, I can tell you one thing: people up here love their maple candies. If you walk down Main Street in my town, you’ll see maple sugar candies in several shop windows, a small piece of Vermont for locals and tourists alike to celebrate and enjoy. I felt like a bit of a traitor when I moved up here and saw the amount of pride Vermonters take in their maple sugar goodness; I’ve never been a maple candy fan, often finding it a bit too sweet and chalky for my tastes. However, I’ve finally found a maple candy that makes me proud to be a Vermonter: delicious Maple Creme chocolates from the Vermont Nut Free company.

They came to me via my boyfriend, who was given a box by a friend as a thank-you gift. Like any extreme Candy Addict, the small box of chocolates was the first thing I noticed when my boyfriend walked through the door. “What’s in the box?” I asked, trying to use my non-existent X-Ray vision to determine what lovely sweets he was carrying, “What’s in it!? What is it?? Is it chocolate!? Can I have one?!”

My boyfriend then opened the box to display a row of maple leaf shaped chocolates. “They’re so pretty,” I exclaimed, before realizing that the maple leaves were no decoration: “Ugh, they’re maple, aren’t they.” However, I am not one to turn down a chocolate, and so I decided to give the nut-free maple cremes a try. I’m SO glad I did: they are absolutely delicious.

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Candy Review: Hershey’s Bliss Creme de Menthe Meltaways

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Mint BlissIt’s no secret to our regular Candy Addict readers that I am slightly obsessed with all things mint chocolate. There is something quite perfect about the combination: the creaminess of milk chocolate matched with the cool snap of peppermint is a marriage made in Candy Addict heaven. So you can imagine how excited I was when I came across Hershey’s Bliss Creme de Menthe candies.

I was already a Hershey’s Bliss fan; their milk chocolate meltaways are currently competing with Dove Milk Chocolate Promises as the dominant milk chocolate pieces in my big red candy bowl. I was actually surprised at how tasty the Bliss chocolates are; Hershey’s chocolate, to me, always seems to have a slightly bitter, waxy taste, but the Bliss pieces are creamy and delicious and the exact opposite of your standard Hershey’s chocolate bar.

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Top 14 Candy Gift Ideas – The Best of the Best Candy of 2008

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awesomely_addictive_ribbon_large.jpgWe here at Candy Addict eat a lot of candy. Over the past year, we’ve reviewed over 260 sweets and treats, but only 14 were deemed worthy of our highest honor: the Awesomely Addictive Candy Award, an award given to candies that truly stand out as being the best of the best. We don’t give this award lightly: this is the Gold Medal of Candy, and is only given to those delicious sweets that earn it.

This year’s list includes something for everyone, in every price range, so if you’re looking for a great candy gift, this list is an excellent place to start. From chocolates to chews to sweet to sour to fancy to simple, we’ve got you covered. Every candy on this list is quite different from the next, but they all have one thing in common: they are Awesomely Addictive.

The Halloween Gem

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Old Brach’s Halloween Ad

Oh, Halloween! For a Candy Addict, it truly is the most wonderful night of the year.

As a kid, I would spend hours on the streets of my neighborhood, trekking from door to door to door, opening my pillowcase and shouting, “Trick or Treat!” in my neighbor’s faces in the hopes of collecting lovely chocolates and sweets. My sister and I had Trick-or-Treating down to a science: we’d mapped out routes, planned time schedules, and figured out ways to crisscross certain streets in order to maximize our candy-haul potential. At the end of the night, we’d usually end up with about 150 fun-size bars (and a few full-size bars, because believe me, we knew exactly who gave them out and where to find them).

Our post-Trick-or-Treating ritual was always the same; we’d dump our pillowcases on to the living room rug and start categorizing our candy into separate piles. Not only did this make it easier for us to decide which bars we wanted to trade (“I’ll give you 4 Kit-Kats for 4 Baby Ruths“), but it also made it easier to spot the most important candy bar in the pillowcase: the all important Halloween Gem.

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Aquolina Chocolovers Perfume

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As a true Candy Addict, I like to make sure I have candy on me everywhere I go. I usually have some snack size bars stashed in my desk drawer at work, some candies hanging out at the bottom of my purse, and a few sweets stashed in my glove compartment. And now, thanks to the help of Aquolina’s Chocolovers perfume, I can literally keep the sweet scent of chocolate on me at all times.

I bought my first bottle of Chocolovers last spring, en route to the All Candy Expo. I was at Sephora (where the perfume is sold) picking up a few things for my trip when I encountered the adorable, heart covered bottle. I’m not going to lie to you guys – I saw the word “choco” on the bottle and bought it without even smelling it. I can’t help it!

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