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Easter Candy Review: Cadbury Royal Dark Raspberry Bunny

Categories: Candy,Candy Reviews,Chocolate Candy,Holiday Candy

Cadbury Royal Dark and Raspberry Bunny

Another day, another raspberry and chocolate Easter candy, this time from the folks at Cadbury. I picked this bunny up at the local Walgreen’s while trying to find another Raspberry Whip Egg that I reviewed yesterday. The Easter candy selection at the store is very limited, and this was the closest thing I could find.

While the packaging says that it has a creme center, it is in fact more like a liquidy-gel. There was nothing creme about it. Expecting a creme center, I took a big bite out of the bunny and was surprised at how liquidy it was. It reminded me of the old Chewels gum which I used to enjoy. Overall, this bunny is very good. The dark chocolate was smooth and not too bitter, and the raspberry center, while liquidy, was still very delicious.

Cadbury Royal Dark and Raspberry Bunny - Bite

candy, sweets, Easter, chocolate, raspberry, bunny, cadbury

Easter Candy Review: Russell Stover Raspberry Whip Egg

Categories: Candy,Candy Reviews,Chocolate Candy,Holiday Candy,Soft Candy

Russell Stover Raspberry Whip Egg

I normally don’t eat Russell Stover brand chocolate, and usually skip to something by Hershey or Reese’s. The fact that this product contained such an enticing ingredient as “Raspberry Whip”, was enough for me to forego my usual Snickers.

I picked this up while on the way home from a movie convention (yes, I have interests outside of candy) and after walking around all day without eating, and facing an hour drive home, I stopped at a Walgreen’s on the way home to get a drink and saw these.

The raspberry is absolutely delicious. Raspberry and chocolate are probably my favorite candy combination and the raspberry whip was excellent, soft, very flavorful, and almost melts on your tongue. The chocolate on the other hand, was nothing special, as seems to always be the case with Russell Stover chocolate. It also seems to end up with these tiny, hard portions, that almost ruin the entire candy.

My advice to you: buy these eggs, open them up, and eat the raspberry whip with a spoon, but discard the chocolate shell – you’ll enjoy it more that way.

candy, sweets, raspberry, Easter, raspberry, russell stover

Gummi Bear Chandelier and other gummi art

Categories: Candy,Candy Art,Gummi/Gummy Candy

YoYo Chou Gummi Chandelier

YaYa Chou is an LA based artist whose recent work seems to be centered around Gummi Bears as a medium. She states:

The bright colors and soft texture of children’s snacks construct a romantic scenario which draws my attention to the dangerous ingredient behind them. By rearranging the embellished snacks in the forms of luxury commodity, I wish to pose the questions: Who consume these foods? Who has the choice to choose?

Since when are gummi bears “children’s snacks”? Us adults like them too! She’s made various objects out of Gummi Bears: the 4′ by 2′ chandelier seen above, a deer, a goat, and my personal favorite, the Gummi Bear Skin Rug. According to her own blog, the Gummi Bears would get soft in the L.A. summer, and harden again during the winter, but never actually melted. I would think the best part about making art out of gummi bears is being able to eat your mistakes!

Candy Review: Limited Edition Snickers Dark

Categories: Candy,Candy Reviews,Chocolate Candy,Limited Edition Candy,New Candy

Snickers Dark - Limited Edition

I ran into these at a local store while grocery shopping last week. The combination of the words “limited edition” and the price of 5 for $2 was far too tempting to resist. They were announced last June, and they also come in a Dark with Almond variety, but I haven’t found any of them yet.

I figured the taste wouldn’t be that different from a regular Snickers. I’ve had dark chocolate many times, and while it’s not my favorite, I can eat it no problem. The Snickers Dark however is so chocolatey. It tastes like the entire bar is full of chocolate, instead of just being coated in it. It was actually pretty good, and I’m sure dark chooclate fans will be super excited that they’re being catered to, but the chocolate was overpowering to the other flavors in the bar. That’s how dark chocolate tends to taste, at least for me, that sort of bitter aftertaste sticking around and covering up the caramel, nuts and nougat.

Snickers Dark - Limited Edition bite

I still prefer the traditional Snickers, but dark chocolate fans will probably disagree.

Buy Snickers Dark online:

candy, sweets, limited edition, snickers, peanuts, dark chocolate, chocolate

Candy Review: PEZ Mini Mints

Categories: Candy,Candy Reviews,Hard Candy,Mint Candy,New Candy,PEZ Candy

PEZ Mini Mints

Returning to their roots, PEZ recently released 2 new mint flavors. Not only are these candies smaller, but they’re a different shape than the PEZ candy than you’re used to.

PEZ is obviously shooting for an older target age with this product. For one, the dispensers don’t feature clowns, or Ninja Turtles, or any characters molded on the top. They feature paintings by Norman Rockwell from his Saturday Evening Post covers. The shape is very reminiscent of what is known as a “PEZ regular”, which are the plain, lighter sized dispensers originally used to distribute PEZ.

The mints come in 2 flavors: Orange and Mint. The Orange tastes like Orange Tic Tacs, but not as sweet. The Mint is good too, about 1/2 as strong as an Altoid, but still effective. Both lasted a decent amount of time before dissolving. I got my Mini Mint PEZ at Walgreens. The sign said that they were exclusive to Walgreens, but I’m not positive if that was the entire line, or just the line featuring Saturday Evening Post covers on the dispensers. If anyone finds other types at other stores, leave a comment and let us know!

candy, sweets, pez, mint, mints, orange, norman rockwell

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