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Candy Review: Fannie May Cubbies Bar

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Cubbies Bar Wrapper

In case you don’t remember, the Chicago White Sox won the World Series in 2005, sweeping the Houston Astros four games to none.

The Chicago Cubs recently won the World Series, too, in 1908, when they beat the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Yet, when I stopped into my local grocery store earlier this year, what did I find in the Fannie May case but a spiffy looking chocolate bar named Cubbies. Interesting, I thought. Maybe I’ll try a White Sox bar. I dug through the case. But, wouldn’t you know it? No White Sox bar.

There are two kinds of White Sox fans in Chicago. Those who support the Pale Hose and don’t pay much attention to the Cubs and those who really hate the Cubbies and wish them nothing but the worst.

I’m one of those second kind of White Sox fans.

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Candy Recipe: Rolo Turtles

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Rolo Turtles Picture

To me, there’s no better holiday tradition than overeating without guilt. Stuff your face with extra stuffing? No problem, it’s Thanksgiving. If you can’t fill your gut on Thanksgiving when can you? Devoured that box of chocolate-covered popcorn in one afternoon? Hey, blame the Boy Scouts for delivering it during the middle of the holiday season.

So, continuing with my December sweets blitz, I decided to try another candy recipe to warm my belly on a cold, winter Midwest day. This time, I’ve discovered what may be the easiest ever candy to make from “scratch”: Rolo turtles.

The sharp-eyed reader may have noticed that I put the word “scratch” in quotes. Unlike grocery store sign writers who put the word “chicken” in quotes in their store windows – Fresh “Chicken” only $3 a pound! – I actually know how to use quotes correctly. Now this “from scratch” recipe requires no flour, measuring or mixing. Perfect for the man who hates baking but loves eating.

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Candy Review: Giant Chewy SweeTARTS

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Giant Sweetarts Wrapper

SweeTARTS are the classic, crunchy American candy. Super sweet and charged with super fruit flavors, SweeTARTS have earned their place in the candy hall of fame. Ripping open a pouch never disappoints. Sure, it may always be the last candy left in your Trick-or-Treat bag (does anyone go out and actually buy SweeTARTS?) but it’s always good in a sugar pinch.

So, let’s talk about the Wonka company’s other version of SweeTARTS, its Giant Chewy SweeTARTS. Ok, so they’re SweeTARTS that are big (that’s the “giant” part) and soft (yes, the “chewy” part). From the description, I imagined a candy that had the texture of a soft-baked cookie. Would I like a sugar cookie with bits of SweeTARTS embedded in its chewy soft middle? You bet I would.

With this buildup, I opened the package and came face to face with four tablets vaguely resembling urinal cakes. No cookies here! Each tart is about 2 inches across and hard as a rock. It’s actually recommended on the package that you slam the disc down to crack it into edible pieces, though the Wonka folks don’t use the word “edible.”

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Candy Recipe (for disaster): Homemade Lollipops

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Lollipops Plate

Continuing with my family’s attempt to create a frugal yet festive holiday, over the Thanksgiving weekend we decided to make something from scratch. My wife has a collection of old cookbooks, so pulling a Betty Crocker book circa the early 1970s from the shelf, I flipped through the sticky, crumpled pages and found the ‘All-time Favorites’ candy section.

Hmm… what sounds good: Fondant-stuffed dates? Spicy sugared nuts? Ting-a-lings? We voted for lollipops. With only six ingredients (including the stick) what could go wrong?

Well, plenty, especially if you happen to like your pots and pans.

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Candy Review: Altoid’s Tangerine Sours

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Altoids Sours Tin

My dad has a story that he loves to tell each Christmas. When he was a boy, he and his sister ran down the stairs on Christmas morning, rushed to their stockings and pulled out… oranges? Yes, oranges. And that was in a good year.

My dad’s family considered this orange an exotic treat. My only comment on that? Good thing my mom was in charge of Christmas shopping when I was a kid. Of course, my dad also says he walked 10 miles uphill each way to school, so who knows what really happened on those long-ago Christmas mornings. My dad’s tale of Christmas oranges, though, along with the snow beginning to fall here in the Midwest, convinced me to try Altoids’ Tangerine Sours.

(Yes, I know tangerines and oranges aren’t the same thing. But it’s like crocodiles and alligators: Are they really that much different?)

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