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Candy Car: Reese’s Pieces

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reeses pieces car

I saw this Reese’s Pieces car on the road today and managed to snap a picture while driving.

Candy Review: Chuao Breakfast in Bed Collection

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chuao breakfast in bed bonbons
Chuao Chocolatier isn’t a household name (yet) but we have covered their products many times here on Candy Addict® and almost without fail their products are delicious (my favorite is their Firecracker with popping candy). So, my hopes were high for their Mother’s Day special – the Breakfast in Bed Collection – with five bonbons inspired by breakfast. Unfortunately, they did not live up to my expectations.

For this review, I let my wife try each of them first (by eating half of each bonbon) since she is a mother and is the audience this product is aimed at. I noted her reaction/thoughts, then I tried each. Below is the summary of each flavor.

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New writers hired!

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Candy Addict logo

We have just hired three excellent writers to keep the candy news, views, and reviews coming here on Candy Addict®! Here is a brief intro to them:


Greetings, fellow sugar lovers. By day, I’m an intrepid journalist, eager to make the world a better place by educating, entertaining and even inspiring my readers. Once I liberate myself from the tractor beam emanating through my computer screen, however, I transform into a candy munching freak who tempers her indulgences with liberal amounts of veggies. I know… just go with it.

We’re kindred spirits, you and I. Some speak fondly about how meditating, petting a furry family member or even taking a walk in the woods helps to ground them, and while I appreciate at least two of those activities, I’ve got to admit – the simple act of tearing into a candy wrapper takes the cake, especially when the contents within have never before graced my taste buds.

My penchant for candy wanderlust has transported me to exotic edible locales that have elated, intrigued and certainly even horrified me at times, but the simple anticipation of what lies in wait always has me coming back for more. If you share my enthusiasm for unchartered candy coated territory, hop on board for an adventure that will stimulate your five senses as well as your funny bone.


Hi! I’m Heather: mild-mannered children’s librarian by day; voracious jellybean-snarfing, chocolate-smearing, Tootsie Pop-gnawing Candy Addict® by night (and, well, let’s face it, by morning and afternoon and midnight snack, too). Trying to name my favorite candy is just as impossible as eating conversation hearts without my tongue turning fluorescent pink. But I particularly love chocolate, especially when it also includes caramel or peanut butter; gummies of all varieties; and candies where I get to sort the colors into piles and savor the purples and reds last. And I’m elated to have the chance to share candy reviews, news, and musings with you!


Hello, fellow sugar enthusiasts! I’m Mary and I’ve been a candy fiend since as far back as I can recall. Though, as a tot, I once puked up red licorice at the movie theatre after having eaten an entire bag of it and stopped eating it for many years, candy and I have been best friends for life. I live and work as a professional writer, copy editor and proofreader in the New York City area where you can often find me roaming the streets, hunting for sweetmeat. (Did do you even know that was a word?!) I absolutely love chocolate. But I am not going to discriminate… candy is candy…and I welcome it in all flavors, colors, shapes and sizes.

Look for lots of great stuff from these three in the days/weeks ahead!

Less Candy Is Not Fun

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Fun size candy is not fun

In case there was ever a doubt, now it’s official since it’s on a t-shirt. Fun size candy is not more fun.

Candy Addict is hiring!

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In case you hadn’t noticed, Candy Addict is looking a little dead lately and we need to change that. We’re looking to hire some new writers to get the site really going again. If you’ve ever wanted to get paid to write about candy (and get free candy to review), now’s your chance!

What are we looking for in the ideal Candy Addict writer?

  • A love of candy, obviously
  • Excellent writing skills
  • A sense of humor that comes through in your writing
  • Familiarity with HTML – you don’t have to be an HTML guru, just have some basic knowledge
  • The ability and time to write a minimum of 5 articles a month for the site
  • Knowledge of WordPress is a big plus, but not required. If two writers had equal skills but one had WordPress knowledge, I’d probably choose the writer with the WordPress skills if all other things were equal
  • U.S. resident preferred but not required. If you want to be a writer that gets free candy samples to review, you must live in the U.S. If you are outside the U.S., you can still write for us and get paid (in U.S. dollars), but you would get no free candy from the U.S. (but we might be able to arrange free candy from candy companies in your country).

What will you get out of writing for Candy Addict?

  • Money. Yes, you will be paid for your writing. It’s not enough money to quit your day job, but it’s some extra spending money.
  • Free candy. We get lots of free candy to review – you will be put into the free candy queue and get some too (but you will have to write a review of it)
  • A paid writing gig to put on your resume.
  • No hard deadlines. Write when you can, as long as you can meet what you committed to.
  • World-wide fame and notoriety. (Ok, I lied about the last one, but all the others are 100% true)

If interested, send me an email to DO NOT SEND EMAIL – APPLICATION PERIOD IS OVER