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Candy Review: POP! – Frozen Chocolate and Popcorn

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I was a little confused when a colorful package from the people at POP! arrived on my doorstep. I’d checked out the website before they were sent, and the product information describes them as a “delectable frozen confection.” It’s true, they arrived beautifully boxed and carefully nestled in foil cold packs But when I opened the box, I found an assortment of fudgy-popcorn treats, not ice cream, as I’d been expecting.

Still, I wasn’t about to turn up my nose to these lovely chocolatey little globes, so I decided to just assume the makers of POP! want me to enjoy them cold (even if they wouldn’t melt at room temp), and leave it at that.

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Satisfy Your Gut Bugs With Some Chocolate

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Chocolate Bugs

Chocolate lovers, prepare to have your minds blown: It may not be you who’s craving Hershey’s Kisses – it may be the microbes living in your stomach! Well, not exactly. See, everybody’s got a little bacteria farm in their tummies. Don’t freak out – they’re good bacteria. Some researchers in Europe have been studying different types of metabolism (they use the catchy moniker “metabotype”). They tested some men who describe themselves as “Chocolate Desiring”, and some who were “Chocolate Indifferent”.

The chocolate lovers shared certain metabolic characteristics – they have a little more beneficial protein, certain amino acids, and lower “bad” cholesterol. This was true whether they ate chocolate or “chocolate placebo”. (I really don’t want to think about what “chocolate placebo” could be!)

Scientists found that all these similarities mean that the Chocolate-Desirous guys shared the same types of intestinal microbes. It’s unknown whether they have the same bacteria because they like chocolate, or if they like chocolate because they have the same bacteria.

There’s still plenty of testing that needs to be done, but one thing’s for sure: if I don’t have a Reese’s Cup soon, my chocolate bugs are going to form an alliance with my peanut butter bugs and have a revolution!

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Coming Soon: Luxury Chocolate Salon in L.A.

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Perk up your ears, all you Candy Addicts living in Los Angeles. Next Sunday (December 9th, that is), SoCal chocoholics can gather and rejoice at the Pasadena Center for L.A.’s first ever Luxury Chocolate Salon!

This “Salon” seems to be a fancy-schmancy convention where folks can sample a huge variety of artisan, gourmet, and premium chocolates. Seriously, my mouth started watering when I read the list of some of the participating vendors: L’Artisan du Chocolat, Chuao Chocolatier, Guittard… the luscious list goes on and on.

There are going to be demonstrations, chocolate and wine tastings, and keynote speakers. And no L.A. schmoozefest would be complete without a film screening – this one’s the premiere of a short film entitled Searching for the Heart of Chocolate.

Needless to say, we will be there, representin’ in all our Candy Addict glory. If you live in the area, we highly suggest you try to make it, too – tickets are very reasonably priced and even cheaper if you buy them pre-sale. If you aren’t an Angelino, don’t fret. The Chocolate Salon is based in San Francisco, and is planning to hit Seattle, New York, and other cities soon. If you’re as serious about chocolate as we are, though, this may be just the excuse you need to come out and soak up some California sunshine – and California chocolate.

Japanese Candy Review: Caramel, Vanilla Beans, and Kiwifruit KitKats

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japanese caramel kiwi vanilla kitkat
The Japanese Kit Kat saga continues with no signs of slowing down. Those Candy Addicts who are new to the satisfying hobby of international candy eating may not know that Nestle, who makes KitKat in Asia (Hershey makes Kit Kat in the U.S.) seem to never tire of developing new, occasionally strange, varieties of the chocolate confection. I present to you three more additions to the ever-growing list of new members of the KitKat family:

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Candy Review: Cherry Passion Tic Tacs

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cherry passion tic tacs
For all of you Candy Addicts out there who are feeling all bummed out ’cause winter’s coming – take heart. There is hope. And it’s only 1 1/2 little calories. I speak, of course, of the genius new Cherry Passion Tic Tacs.

The color combination is distinctly reminiscent of my favorite popsicle, the Big Stick. The flavors aren’t too far off from a Big Stick, either; although, to me, they are a little more modern and exotic. They’re refreshingly fruity and not very artificial-tasting, and, I think, pleasing to kid and adult palates alike.

If you’re not entirely familiar with the passion fruit, it’s kind of “tropical punch-y.” Let me tell you, those Tic Tac people got the color and taste spot on. The cherry candies are also very nice, kind of a black cherry with just a hint of bitterness. Unlike, say Ice Breakers Fruit Sours, the flavors combine quite nicely, so you can eat them in the dark. That’s a distinct advantage in my book. Of course, it’s also nice to separate out a mouthful of just one flavor.

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