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Candy Showdown: Cadbury Mini Eggs vs. M&M’s

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M&M's vs. Cadbury: Who Will Prevail?
In these turbulent times, not everyone has the time or inclination to contemplate the meaningful questions in life. There are just some questions that may be so complex, the average person just doesn’t want to take the time and form his own fundamental beliefs. We here at Candy Addict understand this, though, and so we’re going to lay it all out for you, and make these tough personal choices possible. Which is better: Cadbury Mini Eggs or M&M’s? Some may shy away from delving into this potentially explosive topic, but Candy Addict is not afraid. After all, to paraphrase the famous candy philosopher, Socrates, “The unexamined candy is not worth eating.”

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Peep These Pics – Pronto!

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Anna Nicole, the Peep
Seems like Easter’s never gonna get here, doesn’t it, Candy Addicts? I mean, how long do we have to gaze longingly at the rows and rows of pastel sugary goodness in the aisles of the supermarket before we get to wake up to find a basket of our very own?

For a quick, sugary burst of instant gratification, you simply must check out the expertly curated collection of Peeps dioramas over at We’ve long enjoyed the candy-related content Asylum offers (the other stuff is pretty good too, but who wants to read anything that’s not about candy, hmmm?), but this recent article earns them the status of Candy Darlings, no question. Collected therein are photos of Peeps in all kinds of crazy situations: Lord of the Peeps, Sgt. Peeper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Peep Jousting, Peep Brulee, and my personal fave, Peep Show.

If Asylum’s gallery of Peeps pics is just enough to cruelly tantalize you, don’t forget to check out Washington Post’s Peeps diorama contest. And if, after all that, you’re still craving a Peeps fix, relax. Peter Cottontail’s coming to make a marshmallow deposit any day now…

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Easter Candy Review: Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg

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Reese's Peanut Butter Egg

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are amazing, there’s no question about it. Who doesn’t have happy childhood memories of indulging in rich, peanutty treats at Halloween, birthday parties, or pressed into Christmas cookies? Yet most would say that Reese’s doesn’t reach its apogee of peanut-butter-goodliness but once a year; hold onto yourselves, Candy Addicts, for Reese’s Egg season is upon us.

That’s right. When the rest of the world watches for blossoming flowers and baby ducks, true Candy Addicts know Spring has arrived when the supermarkets stock a certain type of egg. An egg that promises sheer joy and decadence, all for under a dollar.

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Candy Review: Chocolate Dipped Strawberries from the Chocolate Covered Company

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chocolate covered berries

OK, confession time: did you forget your anniversary? Show up empty-handed to a birthday party? Hey, nobody’s perfect… but if you showed up empty handed on the big day and your better half was a good sport about it, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook! In fact, it seems to me to be all the more reason to show your someone special that you appreciate them.

So, I’ll make this very simple. Here’s how true Candy Addicts can score big – even if it’s a few days late. Go to the Chocolate Covered Company’s website. Click on the Chocolate Covered Berries (or any of the other tempting categories that strike your fancy). Order. Bask in the adoration that’s sure to follow when your Beloved opens that box of luscious little gems.

Seems like everybody’s dipping stuff in chocolate these days, but Candy Addicts know that there’s a real skill involved in making the perfect chocolate-covered strawberry. I cannot stress this enough: the Chocolate Covered Company has got the skills to pay the bills. They use an ultra-creamy, velvety-smooth chocolate. You get to choose milk, dark, white, or any combination of the three. More importantly, the chocolate is slightly soft and fudgy, so it doesn’t snap and crumble when you bite into the berry. Nobody wants to have to pick up the shards of chocolate midway through enjoying a decadent treat, right?

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PEZ? More Like Pfeffzz…

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classic_pez_peppermint(buy this cute sign at

Quick – when you were a kid, what was your favorite Austrian candy? Few kids – or adults for that matter – know the true origins of one of their most beloved sweets. Here’s a hint: you probably found this candy under Davy Crockett’s head. Or Wonder Woman’s. Or Chewbacca’s.

That’s right, Candy Addicts, I’m speaking of everyone’s favorite little blocks of sugary goodness, PEZ! Are you all as shocked as I was to discover that PEZ comes from the land of coffee and Schwarzenegger? Well, believe it: PEZ is Austrian. In fact, the name PEZ is an abbreviation of the German word for peppermint: PfeffErminZ. Say that five times fast!

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