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Candy Review: Annabelle’s Chocolate Abba-Zaba

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Annabelle’s Abba Zaba Chocolate Cream Center Package

One of the new candies unveiled at this year’s All Candy Expo was this new twist on a classic candy: the Abba-Zaba Chocolate Cream center. When Brian told me about his find on the showroom floor I couldn’t help but respond by asking a gazillion questions about it. For me, a new addition to the Abba-Zaba family was big, big news.

The original Abba-Zaba is a sweet taffy with a stripe of peanut butter running down the center. There’s also a Sour Apple variety with the taffy carrying the flavor and the peanut butter center remaining intact. What I found most exciting about this new Abba-Zaba was the replacement of the peanut butter with “chocolate cream” (ok, so it’s really mockolate), which sort of takes away the consistent component of the candy. I was curious to see if this hurt the formula of the bar at all.

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Candy Review: Annabelle’s Rocky Road Supreme Bars

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RockyRoad Supreme Bars

“They’re here, they’re finally here!” my tummy yelled when a box of Annabelle’s new Rocky Road Supreme bars found their way to my doorstep. I had luckily sampled these at last year’s All Candy Expo when they were still just prototypes. Regardless of the fact that they weren’t finished tweaking the formula, I knew what I was eating was extremely tasty, so I patiently waited until they would be ready to be consumed by the masses.

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Candy Review: Good & Fruity – Back From The Dead

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Good & Fruity Candy Box

What is old is new again, and this couldn’t be truer in regard to the recent resurrection of the classic candy Good & Fruity. Many of you may be familiar with this one already, and if you are, I’m very jealous! I’m too young to have enjoyed the original Good & Fruity (or Good ‘n Fruity as far as the original goes) back in its days of glory. I was hoping that the fact that Hershey’s was bringing it back would make me feel like a more “complete” candy lover; like how a modern gamer would feel finding an original Nintendo Entertainment System to play or a wine connoisseur discovering a long lost vintage. A chance to take a step back in time and taste something that “once was.”

Although, like Zombies brought back from the dead, things just aren’t as good the second time around. The original Good ‘n Fruity were pastilles with a bland jelly center and the actual fruit favoring came from the colored candy shells. As the legend goes, the formula was changed in 1988 to enhance the flavor by making the jelly centers fruity to match the candy coating. After that there’s no word on how Good ‘n Fruity slipped out of favor with the candy eating public and ended up discontinued.

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Candy Games: Indiana Jones Mint Crisp Challenge

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M&Ms Indiana Jones Game candy chocolate

You’d have to be living in a cave to not know that the newest Indiana Jones film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will be opening in theaters on May 22nd, and about time too! It seems that advertisements, posters and other promotional ties are everywhere with my favorites being the the Mint Crisp M&Ms, along with the Snickers Adventure Bar that were released especially for the new movie. Now you can enjoy more Indiana Jones candy action with the game on the M&Ms website!

The premise is simple: you experience the excitement of Indiana Jones by playing either as Green, Red or Yellow while you explore the ancient Mayan Temple in search of their greatest treasure: the Mint Crisp M&Ms! It’s very cute, especially since I felt as if I had my own treasure hunt trying to find these in stores. I found this game to be like the Mint Crisp M&Ms, totally addicting! Give it a try and be sure to let us know if you succeed in finding the treasure.

Candy Review: Annabelle’s Rocky Road Double Dipped Bits

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Annabelle’s Rocky Road Double Dipped Bits Package

Like a true Candy Addict, when I hear the word “Rocky Road” my mind doesn’t jump to ice cream, but instead lands on the candy bar of the same name. Rocky Road is a classic candy made by Annabelle Candy Company, who are the same makers of my beloved Big Hunk and also Abba Zaba. Rocky Road was Annabelle Candy’s first original candy bar, which debuted around 1950. It’s a big seller in its home state of California, where it remains one of the top 40 best selling candy bars.

What makes the Rocky Road so special? Well, it’s a unique combination of flavors to start. Take fresh marshmallow, then layer on some bits of roasted cashews before covering the whole thing in milk chocolate. A classic no matter how you look at it: original, simple and tasty. Over the years Rocky Road has tried on new flavors. Today you can find a Dark Chocolate and Mint variety. This newest version is called “Double Dipped Bits” and they are basically smaller sized Rocky Road bars in movie theater sized boxes.

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