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Candy Review: Sour Patch Extreme

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Sour Patch Extreme

Our final guest writer review of the week is written by Jim Bonomo. He took the pics for the review too!

Sour Patch Kids were my childhood favorite candy and are continuously consumed in my home to this day. As a young’un, I’d throw cavity caution to the wind and pair those sugary sour bombs regularly with can after can of Coke Classic (The candy gods must have bestowed upon me immunity from diabetes). My late 20′s marked the local arrival of Sour Patch Fruits, which presented a welcome flavor variety but seemed to dull down the sourness of the original product.

Imagine my joy when, as a child of 31 years, I saw something called Sour Patch Extreme show up on the candy shelf at my local gas station. I am a self-professed masochist when it comes to sour candy, and years of consumption have brought about the need for a stronger fix. Before me, I see potential in the word “Extreme”.

Sour Patch Extreme pile
This package (which feels wicked light) presents the eater with three new flavor combinations. One piece is a sour apple/strawberry mix, one a orange and blue razz mix, and the third is watermelon mixed with grape. The bag’s graphics portray animated two-color faces with insanely puckered and otherwise distorted faces, and a tagline proclaims “2 SUPER SOUR flavors in one”. Excitement takes hold when I notice not one, but FOUR different acids listed in the ingredient list (Lactic, Tartaric, Citric, and Fumaric for the science whizzes out there).

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Christmas, Easter, Marshmallow Peeps, and Me

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Peppermint Peeps

Today we present another article from a Candy Addict reader. This one is from a reader named Monica:

Whilst on an emergency Listerine run to CVS today (which I hate to do because it costs, like, twice as much as Target but hey, a self-proclaimed Candy Addict’s gotta take care of her pearly whites – oral care is no joking matter, my friend), I somehow managed to find myself – gingivitis’s enemy in arm – wandering down the Christmas aisle, looking for a holiday treat.

Scanning the shelves, I weighed my seasonal options: Chocolate snowman? Boring. Reese’s Christmas tree? York snowflake? I do love candy with a festive shape, but not today. Candy Cane Hershey’s Kisses? Intriguing… Gingerbread Man Marshmallow Peeps? Sacrilege! Oh the fury! The rage! The adorable, delicious rage!

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Candy Review: Australian Pods from Mars, Inc.

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Mars Pods

(image from

As part of our Guest Writer Week, here is a review of an Australian product called Pods written by our good friend Goob from Hey It’s Free – he’s tipped us off on many a free candy in the past, so be sure and take a peek at his site regularly for some great free stuff.

Two of my greatest joys in life are traveling and candy. In fact, if I could figure a way to travel around while inside a giant piece of candy, I’d be set. But until then, I comfort myself with knowing that every time I journey to a new location, I have the chance to try out some new candy! In fact, a while back, I lived in Australia and one of the first local words I picked up was “lollies,” which is what they call candy (Note: check out more words for candy in other lands). Every time I’d walk into a store, I’d hunt down the lollie isle and it wasn’t long before I discovered the wonderful joy that are Pods.

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Candy Review: Toxic Waste Candy

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toxic waste candy

We have another guest candy review today. This time it’s from my buddy Aaron from The Sitter Downers Podcast and from his High Caliber Guns blog. Aaron is reviewing Toxic Waste candy:

My wife loves to watch my facial reactions to sour candy. In our almost 10 years of marriage she has subjected me to dozens of sour candy concoctions with the sole purpose of seeing the sour-induced agony on my ugly puss. Well, she has reached a new level of torture with Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy.

Over the Easter holiday someone left an Easter basket of goodies for my wife and her co-workers in the break area. In that basket was a drum of Toxic Waste. Of course my wife couldn’t pass up another chance to subject my facial muscles to an extreme workout. She brought home one for each of us, sans herself…go figure, and presented them to me and the boys after dinner. Needless to say, I was the first victim.

I chose watermelon thinking it couldn’t be all that bad, at least not as bad as say, lemon. How can I put this? I was wrong. Toxic Waste is bar none, the most sour candy I have ever put in my mouth. My wife didn’t tell me that you must keep the candy in your mouth for a full sixty seconds if you wish to be counted among the few, the proud, a “Full Toxic Head”. I failed the test and had the candy out of my mouth within about 30 seconds, entitling me only to “Cry Baby” status according to the drum the candy came in.

Not wishing to remain a loser after she filled me in on my Toxic Waste status, I put the candy back in my mouth and was pleased to find that the candy mellowed out into a very tasty watermelon. My false sense of security was soon destroyed when I found out through experience that Toxic Waste candy is the only sour candy on the market that has a “surprise” sour center. What can I say, I love this stuff!

While the candy comes in five flavors: apple, watermelon, lemon, blue raspberry, and black cherry, I have only tried watermelon and lemon. I am proud to say that I was able to withstand the entire test with my lemon Toxic Waste and earned the official title of “Full Toxic Head”. That’s good right?

Great review – thanks, Aaron! If you too want to write a guest review/article for Candy Addict (and get a link to your site), just drop me a note and we’ll see about getting you published on Candy Addict!

Buy Toxic Waste Candy online:

Retro Candy Flashback: Butter Nut Bars

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(image from The Candy Wrapper Museum)

Today is a first for Candy Addict – we have a guest writer! Long-time Candy Addict reader and commenter, Rhea from The Boomer Chronicles, shares with us one of her favorite candies from her childhood: Butter Nut:

How does one describe a candy last tasted in, like, 1967? With great difficulty. But I can assure you that — as the daughter of a man who owned a candy store featuring every kind of candy bar known to humankind — I chose the erstwhile Butter-nut bar, made by Hollywood Candy, as my favorite. I adored these things.

The Butter-nut bar consisted of caramel and peanuts surrounded by milk chocolate. I mostly remember the crunch of the peanuts. I don’t know what it was about them. Maybe the way they sliced them up? Like many of the candy bars made by Hollywood Brands, the Butter-nut is gone forever.

Here’s a bit of history. The Hollywood Candy Company was founded in Hollywood, Minnesota, in 1912. The company also made the Milk Shake, the Top Star, the Big Time, the Hail, the Zero and the Pay Day. The Pay Day and the Zero are the only ones that are still being made today.


Wow – sound like good stuff. Thanks for sharing, Rhea! (If anyone else wants to guest write for Candy Addict, drop us a line with your article idea and we’ll see if we can get you published on the site!)

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