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Candy Review: Nerds Gumballs

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Nerds Gumballs

Today’s guest review comes from a true gumball lover blogging at Maison de Gumball….

For sugar lovers everywhere, the search for sugar nirvana has come to a sudden and crunchy close. Yes, that’s right – I’ve found the answer to the age long question of how much sugar can be crammed into a single piece of candy. The answer: too much.

Allow me to introduce you to the Nerds Filled Gumballs. This seizure-inducing treat has a number of unique characteristics previously unknown to the extended chew industry. The sheer quantity of sugar was once believed to be impossible, yet some deranged candy maker has produced the Nerds Filled Gumball. Personally, I enjoy nothing more than settling into a lasting and fulfilling chew of a gumball. Nothing satisfies the molars like the pleasurable elasticity of that sugar coated orb known as the gumball.

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Limited Edition Candy Rant

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Limited Edition

The following was sent to us via email and since all of us at Candy Addict have fallen in love with a Limited Edition candy or three, I figured it was worth sharing (with permission):

Like the mysterious beauty of sumptuousness that waddles in the night, it is not a deniable charge, we Americans are rather rotund. We are not however, stupid. (mostly)

I have always had a sweet tooth, hell I’ve always had a sweet mouth. And as a child, whatever I found at the store delighted me. “Oh I found a big Hershey bar – magic has surely been done here!” But I am no longer a child and I am fairly certain the tooth fairy is a tooth junkie, and I am not amused, candy companies… not amused….

You litter the field with genre after genre of limited edition candies, some I hate and some I love, and then you yank them away leaving me the crumbs of the same tired fooking thing time after time. Like expecting a full fridge and finding only milk, eggs, and bread… sure you can do lots with them but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Getting rid of Twix Java and leaving us with another PB disaster is the last straw.

Stop giving us remixed, boring candy and take a page from the other countries who do something amazing, and spread themselves out, like the branches of a well-grown tree. Enough crap. Bring back the good, the bad and the different!

We pay your salary, you miserable two-bit toothless old tooth fairies… we may like our butter and creme and fattening convenient things… but that doesn’t mean we’re paying you to kill us with monotony! We’re paying you to make it pleasant to live with dunderheads like YOU!

a concerned and peeved consumer
M. Burns

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? What’s your favorite current or past Limited Edition candy?

Retro Candy Review: Abba-Zaba

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Abba Zaba

Today we have another guest review written by Tanna Reynolds who recently reviewed Mo’s Bacon Bar. (Remember, anyone can write a guest review for Candy Addict, just email us)

Abba-Zaba and I go way back… all the way back to my childhood when I would lord over my trick-or-treat hauls full of Abba-Zaba at Halloween. Recently, I decided it was time for us to be reacquainted. For me and my candy-greedy brother, Abba-Zaba’s chewy peanut taste and taxi cab yellow and black packaging was sweet perfection. Each year, when the final bell rang at the neighborhood-wide open market candy exchange in the days following Halloween, I was dozens of Abba-Zaba’s richer. My wealth could be measured in both sweet sticks and time because my brother was always willing to perform my chores in exchange for an Abba-Zaba. As long as they lasted, my brother was mine.

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Retro Candy Flashback: Seven Up Candy Bar

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Seven Up Box

(Image courtesy of The Imaginary World)

Here is a guest review by Julie…

When I was about 8, our family moved to a remote part of Connecticut that was easily five miles from any main commercial shopping areas. The only place we could get candy was the neighborhood gas station, complete with a grungy, grumpy old mechanic guy who, though a bit scary, stocked some awesome candy in his little 2-bay garage; I have since wondered if he was a Candy Addict himself. Of all the candies that he had on display (and though I bought others, too), it was the Seven Up bar that got a sizable chunk of my allowance money every time.

Discontinued sometime in the 70’s, the Seven Up bar began its seven-sectioned life in the 1930s, before the 7-Up Bottling Company began making its soft drink. Eventually the 7-Up company bought the bar and retired it, so they had the exclusive use of the name whichever way it was spelled: Seven Up or 7-Up. None of that mattered a whit to me, as I was only interested in one thing: those seven sections of chocolate-covered different candy centers, meaning I was getting seven big pieces of candy in one regular-sized bar. Quite a bargain to me back then for my hard-saved pennies and nickels (shoot, I’d pay just about anything for one today)!

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Chocolate Candy Review: Mo’s Bacon Bar from Vosges

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vosges_mos_bacon_bar.jpgToday, we have a guest review from Tanna Reynolds reviewing Mo’s Bacon Bar (remember, anyone can guest write for Candy Addict, drop us an email).

If you are fortunate enough to live some 892 steps away from a gourmet chocolate shop like I am, then you would be foolish not to trace that path at least once a week to sample the delicious and sometimes unique candies. I’m no fool, but I’m easily led into temptation by the chocolate’s siren songs. To date, I have sampled my way through 32 varieties of chocolates and returned at least 20 times for chocolate-covered honeycomb, a chocolate with which I am particularly smitten.

On my most recent visit to sample the candy man’s wares (trust me, chocolate is serious business to this shop owner/mad scientist), I found myself both intrigued and repulsed by the sight of a large chocolate bar whose wrapper, adorned with a huge bacon slice and a milk chocolate square, boasted of a most unusual blend of flavors. My search had ended, and $9.00 and some obligatory chocolate talk later, me and Mo’s Bacon Bar were headed for home.

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