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Whether you’re a new or seasoned reader of Candy Addict, chances are you’ve stumbled across a mention of the All Candy Expo amongst the articles and reviews on the site. If this name made you cock your head in confusion wondering what all the commotion was about, then please read on. Here I will explain the sugar-filled wonders that is the mysterious All Candy Expo.

In essence, the All Candy Expo (ACE for short) is the largest candy and snack food trade show in the United States. It’s an industry-only convention held in Chicago, IL where everybody who’s anybody in the business of sugar gathers together for a few days each year. The main purpose of the All Candy Expo is for candy companies to show off their goods to prospective buyers representing your favorite grocery stores, drug stores, convenience marts, vending machines, etc. Basically speaking, any place where you can buy candy. There are also other types of attendees in the mix, like specialty shop owners, marketing companies, brokers and of course… press. Thankfully, Candy Addict falls under this last category and this is how we get to be a part of this incredible annual sugar fest to provide you readers with the inside scoop.

All Candy Expo Showroom Floor

The National Confectioners Association (NCA) sponsors the ACE and through their excellent organization the show becomes the place to go to see what’s the latest and greatest in candy as well as learn about the newest trends. See why we Candy Addicts are so interested in being there? Everyone at the show is there to wow you with the coolest and tastiest new treats as well as remind you why you fell in love with the classics all over again.

The 2007 ACE was Candy Addict’s first time at the All Candy Expo, but it certainly won’t be the last! With over 500 confectionery and snack exhibitors, a new product showcase, and too many other things to mention, we simply can’t miss out.

Oh, did I mention all the free candy “candy samples” you get? Now that’s a sweet deal!