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About Candy Addict

What is Candy Addict?

Candy Addict is simply a site about candy. We only post candy-related articles that I think are interesting, funny, weird, or otherwise worth reading. If I don’t enjoy reading it, it doesn’t appear on the site. We do not sell candy, we eat it and write about it.

We will not post anything sad or depressing even if it does involve candy – Candy Addict should make you smile, not frown. There is too much fun and interesting in the candy world for me to post anything sad, depressing, or boring. There is enough of that in the nightly news. We try to make most posts as fun/funny as possible and we have varying degrees of success.

Besides the fun candy articles, we also write candy reviews. We do NOT get paid to review the candy. Sometimes we get free candy from the manufacturer, but the reviews are always honest. Candy companies aren’t paying us to say good things about their products. If we say it was good, then we thought it was good. If the candy we review is bad, we’ll say so – whether we bought the candy at a store or it was given to us for free by the president of the company. If the reviews aren’t honest, they are worthless. Our reviews are honest.

To reiterate: all reviews are unbiased and we do not accept payment for reviews – never have, never will.

When was Candy Addict started?

Candy Addict was started in October of 2005. Please don’t go back that far and read the articles. We really didn’t know what we were doing back then. Seriously. Don’t read them. Our recent stuff is much better.

Why does Candy Addict exist?

Our founder, Brian, always loved candy and figured there were plenty of other people in the world that appreciated the sweet stuff. He was right.

Who is behind Candy Addict?

Brian Pipa started the site and wrote all content for it for a while but eventually he realized there was too much going on in the world of candy to cover it all solo. For a while we had a staff of writers that at one time was as many as 10 writers. Ten writers were hard to manage so now we are down to just a few writers. (If anyone ever wants to guest write for us, let us know).


Right now, Brian lives very near Washington, DC – the other writers are all over the place (geographically).