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Candy Review: SweeTarts Jelly Beans

photos in this post by Anthemic Tangle For the fourth part in our Spring Jelly Bean Hunt, I bring to you SweeTarts Jelly Beans! The first thing I noticed about these jelly beans was the texture. They’re a lot softer than other jelly beans I’ve tried and they aren’t as chewy. Not that this is […]

Candy Review: SweeTARTS Hearts

Certain candies catch my eye during the holidays that I normally avoid consuming throughout the regular year. Why? Well, by the time you gulp down whatever candy you just bought, chances are it has been sitting on a shelf for quite some time. I mean, I always see gas stations stocking limited edition bars made […]

Candy Review: Giant Chewy SweeTARTS

SweeTARTS are the classic, crunchy American candy. Super sweet and charged with super fruit flavors, SweeTARTS have earned their place in the candy hall of fame. Ripping open a pouch never disappoints. Sure, it may always be the last candy left in your Trick-or-Treat bag (does anyone go out and actually buy SweeTARTS?) but it’s […]

Candy Review: Wonka SweeTARTS Rope

There are many happy unions in the Candy World. Some candy pairs just seem made for each other: chocolate & peanut butter, chocolate & mint, hard candy & bubble gum, strawberry & banana, black licorice & the garbage can… the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, the new Wonka SweeTARTS Rope with Nerds filling is […]

Candy Review: Pucker Pieces Gourmet Candy Tarts

The compressed dextrose candy has long been a staple item of childhood candy diets. Never heard of it? You probably know it better as SweeTarts, Runts, and dozens more – that hard, yet powdery, melt-in-your mouth candy with the tangy flavor and slight cooling effect. With Pucker Pieces Gourmet Candy Tarts, Creative Concepts Inc. (best […]