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Candy Review: Caramel Apple Sugar Babies

I love Sugar Babies. I love their cute, conveniently “poppable” small size. I love their rich, sweet caramel taste and the long chew they provide your mouth. I love how they won’t melt in the summer heat. So to say I was excited, when I saw the new Caramel Apple Sugar Babies in their bright […]

Candy Review: Somebody’s Mother’s Caramel and White Chocolate Sauces

I recently reviewed Somebody’s Mother’s Chocolate Sauce over at our sister site, Snackerrific. When Somebody’s Mother sent two more smart little jars of her caramel and white chocolate varieties, the consensus around here was to share this sweet news with our loyal Candy Addicts. What comes to mind when you think about chocolate sauce? Perhaps […]

10 Questions for Candyman David Klein

In 1976, “Candyman” David Klein came up with the idea of a gourmet jelly bean that featured a then-unique fruit flavored jelly interior. He approached the Goelitz Candy Company and together they created one of the finest manifestations of sugar in the history of the universe, Jelly Belly jellybeans. Considering that Jelly Bellys have figured […]

Candy Review: Brach’s Milk Maid Caramel and Caramel Apple Candy Corn

Fall will soon be upon us and we Candy Addicts know that means all of our favorite seasonal autumn treats will soon be on the shelves. One thing in particular I look forward to is candy corn! It’s one of those candies you either love or hate, and I REALLY love it. Granted, candy corn […]

Licorice Candy Review: SNAPS

SNAPS are a retro candy that I didn’t know about until just a week or two ago. I was in Michael’s Arts and Crafts store and noticed it on the “retro” candy rack alongside Sugar Babies and Necco Slapsticks. “Oooooooo, what’s this?” I thought to myself as I picked up the package. It was definitely […]