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Candy Review: Starburst FaveReds

Whenever I dig into a package of mixed fruity flavored candies, I have an entirely predictable response: savor the purples first, then the pinks and reds. (And only after I’ve plucked out those flavors will I offer to share what remains.) Even though artificial grape receives the full measure of my devotion, I’m awfully fond […]

Candy Review: Starburst Baja California Fruit Chews

As much as I enjoy trying new candy, the oddest things can put me off from doing so. Sometimes I don’t like the packaging or the description appears unappetizing. For Starburst Baja California Fruit Chews, it was the flavor selection that disappointed me. In theory, the idea of a set of flavors indigenous to Baja […]

Candy Review: Starburst GummiBursts Liquid-Filled Gummies

“Yummy, yummy, yummy, I’ve got gummi in my tummy” is going to be my new mantra! I recently had the privilege of tasting the new liquid-filled gummies, Starburst GummiBursts. I’m a big fan of Starburst products, and it’s always nice to see new candies from them, since they are pretty consistently tasty. The GummiBursts have […]

Easter Candy Review: Starburst Sour Jellybeans

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is a plethora of jellybean offerings on the Easter candy shelves this year. I say the more, the merrier, but not all jellybeans are created equal. I like sour candies, so I tried to determine which package of jellybeans might be the most sour. I decided upon […]

Candy Review: Starburst Rattlesnakes and Starburst Soda Slammers

On a recent trip to work I realized I had to stop for gas, or push my car there – not a nice idea on a day when the mercury is already at 95 degrees at 7am! The stop at the gas station was a Candy Addict goldmine, though! They had loads of different things […]