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Candy Review: Popsters – Covered Mini Popcorn Balls

I first ran into Popsters at this year’s All Candy Expo. As I walked by I grabbed a sample and was blown away. Popsters are mini caramel popcorn balls coated with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or a peanut butter. The mini popcorn balls range from roughly the size of a whopper to the size of […]

Candy Review: POP! – Frozen Chocolate and Popcorn

I was a little confused when a colorful package from the people at POP! arrived on my doorstep. I’d checked out the website before they were sent, and the product information describes them as a “delectable frozen confection.” It’s true, they arrived beautifully boxed and carefully nestled in foil cold packs But when I opened […]

Candy Review: Chocolate Covered Potato Chips and Popcorn from Sugar Plum

Ahh, the age old conundrum: sweet vs. savory. I face it every time I go out for breakfast, but I never considered it an issue with candy. After all, candy is and should be sweet, right? Well, leave it to Pennsylvania-based Sugar Plum to mess with my reality. I recently received samples of two products: […]


Q Ford Gum makes gumball machines under what brand name?

Review: Dale and Thomas Popcorn – 6 pack sampler

When I arrived home from work a few days ago, I had a giant box waiting for me on the table. It turned out to contain a Dale & Thomas Popcorn sampler. I unpacked the carton, (which included an ice pack to protect the popcorn) and pulled out the inner package wondering what exactly they […]