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Candy Review: Chocolate PEZ

PEZ is sorta like the razor blades of the candy world – Mr Gillette gave the razors away as long as you bought the blades, and it’s kind of like that with PEZ, too. It’s really more about the dispenser than it is about the candy, isn’t it? The official PEZ website is almost entirely […]

Candy Art: How Dracula Eats PEZ

I’ve mentioned before my ongoing search to find cool ways to incorporate my love of candy into my home decor. We’ve found gummi bear lights, candy-themed furniture, candy-inspired pillows, and even chocolate coasters. Now all I need is a print of Count Dracula eating PEZ! Granted, it’s not Halloween, but seriously, what’s wrong with keeping […]

PEZ for Pets – Dog Treat Dispenser

Gone are the days when a t-shirt or other non-edible item with a candy logo was a rare find. I can walk through almost any major store now and find something with a candy theme – scarves, pillows, even dog treats. Is it licensing overkill, or just good fun? I’m still on the fence, but […]

PEZ? More Like Pfeffzz…

(buy this cute sign at Quick – when you were a kid, what was your favorite Austrian candy? Few kids – or adults for that matter – know the true origins of one of their most beloved sweets. Here’s a hint: you probably found this candy under Davy Crockett’s head. Or Wonder Woman’s. Or […]

PEZ Photography

PEZ just made your life a whole lot easier, whether you know it or not. Aside from the sweet taste, convenient portability, familiar faces and collectability, PEZ fans have taken a bold step forward to help you take better photos. Say what? The clever folks over at have created a way to affix an […]