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Candy Review: Necco Mighty Malts

When you think about it, the malted milk ball is an unlikely candy. There are so many flavors in the world which simply cry out to be made into chews or suckers, or to be dipped in chocolate for the happiness of sweet-tooths everywhere. Fruit, vanilla, coffee, caramel… even unmalted, sweetened milk and its richer […]

Candy Review: Necco Smoothies

Yes, it’s a classic American institution. But you have to admit: the New England Confectionery Company, better known to you and I as the folks behind Necco wafers, produces some of the driest, dustiest candy on the planet. Necco Wafers are the candy left at the bottom of your Halloween trick-or-treat bag after all the […]

Candy Review: Necco Old Fashioned Cream Drops

There is no candy company out there that is both as famous and infamous as the New England Confectionery Company, aka Necco. That is because they produce many products people adore (Clark Bar and Sky Bar) and many products people despise (Conversation Hearts and Mary Jane). I have never really had anything against the company. […]

Necco Human Heart

I am constantly amazed at the serious artwork that is made with candy. Check out this amazing human heart made out of Necco Conversation Hearts done by famous Lego artist Nathan Sawaya. It even has veins running through it made with purple hearts! There is not much info on the site about it, but Nathan […]

Candy Review: Necco Sky Bar

I had never even heard of a Sky Bar until about six months ago when I saw it featured on Unwrapped. It’s made by Necco (of Necco Wafer fame) in Revere, Massachusetts; Pewaukee, Wisconsin; and in Thibodaux, Louisiana, but I had never seen one here in NC until October. A candy vendor at the NC […]