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Candy Review: Milky Way Midnight

As a self-acknowledged chocoholic, I can’t resist trying new chocolate candies that appear on the market. When I saw the ads for the Milky Way Midnight, I got all excited. Everyone knows that dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you. With this new formula, I could almost count this new Milky Way as […]

Candy Review: Crunch With Caramel and Milky Way With More Caramel

It seems to be a bit of a trend these days, with classic candy bars either pumping up one of their base ingredients, or simpler candy bars adding in an additional component. Variations on classic bars are nothing new – bars going white, peanut butter suddenly appearing, bits of rice cereal being stirred through, and […]

Candy Review: Nestle Milkybar

You’ll see Swiss conglomerate Nestle’s Milkybars in England just about everywhere. In the U.S., they’re much harder to find – even the Nestle USA website doesn’t list them anywhere. So when I saw one in World Market the other day, I snagged it. Even though I’m not a huge white chocolate fan, I’m curious to […]

Candy Review: Hershey’s Bliss Creme de Menthe Meltaways

It’s no secret to our regular Candy Addict readers that I am slightly obsessed with all things mint chocolate. There is something quite perfect about the combination: the creaminess of milk chocolate matched with the cool snap of peppermint is a marriage made in Candy Addict heaven. So you can imagine how excited I was […]

Show Your Candy Love… With Socks!

Maybe it’s already abundantly clear to your family and friends that you’re a Candy Addict®. Maybe you’re already lucky enough to receive assorted boxes of bonbons for National Gumdrop Day, National Taffy Day, and National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day. (Those are real holidays, by the way, celebrated on February 15, May 23, and December 16, respectively.) […]