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Candy Review: Pretzel M&Ms

I just can’t stop myself. I am supposed to save a few of the Pretzel M&Ms for my roommates, but I can’t stop eating them. I can already see the disappointment in their faces as I say “But, you don’t understand. There are little bite-sized, salted pretzels in the middle.” I wince as I explain […]

Candy Review: Indiana Jones’ Mint Crisp M&Ms

They’re finally here! The long awaited Mint Crisp M&Ms that we heard were coming out in time for the new Indiana Jones movie are finally on shelves. And not a moment too soon! Between my eagerness to see Indy in his new geriatric adventure glory and tasting the new M&Ms adventure that Mars has planned […]

Candy Review: Wildly Cherry M&Ms

The candy gods were smiling on me during my last weekly shopping trip. As I patiently waited in the checkout line scanning the boxes of candy lined up, I immediately noticed something different. What’s this I see? A red M&Ms wrapper? My heart skipped a beat as I realized it was the new Wildly Cherry […]

Coming soon: New M&Ms – All Green, Cherry, and Mint Crisp

While at the All Candy Expo I got some sneak peeks at some new M&Ms coming soon. Seen above is a banner advertising the new packs of all green M&Ms. Playing off of Candy Urban Legend #3, these packs contain only green M&M’s, for those times when you want to feel a bit frisky. Next […]

Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms Have Arrived

UPDATE: Read our review of the Dark Chocolate Peanut M&M’s Along with the new Razzberry M&Ms, we can also look forward to a permanent addition to the M&Ms family: Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms. From the press release: M&M’S® first added its signature fun twist to the traditionally serious dark chocolate category with a limited edition […]