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Candy Review: Stretchy and Tangy Hanna Strawberry-Banana Laffy Taffy Bar

As Monica correctly alluded to in her love ‘em or hate ‘em candies, taffy is definitely a divisive confection. I happen to be a lover of this candy, ever since the days I journeyed to Catalina and discovered what taffy is. As a product, taffy doesn’t really have a large niche in the candy aisle. […]

Laffy Taffy Not So Laffy

Famous candy tycoon Willy Wonka has discovered, to his absolute horror, that one of the jokes featured on a Laffy Taffy wrapper was not actually funny. To correct this humor crisis, he has put out a call for a “new deputy executive director of Wonka Laffy Taffy wrapper humor management.” Prospective applicants must send in […]

Name That Easter Candy: Naked jellybeans, German taffy, and squished Kisses

Every week we do a Name That Candy post where we post descriptions of long-lost candy sent in by readers and you get to see if you can help figure out what candy it is. This one comes from a reader named Rachel: They were these jelly beans that lacked the outer coating that a […]

Candy Review: Willy Wonka Creepy Treats

Image from Anthemic Tangle Ok, yeah, I know: Halloween was so yesterday and we’re looking forward to Thanksgiving already. But I just grabbed my last bag of Halloween-themed sale candy. I couldn’t resist: it’s a big bag of Willy Wonka goodness AND it was on sale. Plus, there’s extra Halloween-themed silliness involved. What’s a Candy […]

Retro Candy Flashback: Banana Split

My previous exploration of Necco’s old-fashioned candy mix yielded a strike of gold with the Clark Bar. However, within that package were two other candies: Necco Wafers – more like coal than gold – and Banana Split. I have heard of Banana Split and its counterpart Mint Julep, but never had the opportunity or desire […]