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Japanese Candy Review: Kit Kat Roundup

I will never again look at some dish made from a weird combination of international cuisines and say “Only in America.” Because now I’ve had Green Tea Tiramisu Kit-Kat from Japan. I have been watching the Japanese Kit-phenomenon from afar with great interest, since the flavors are often somewhat, well, unexpected, like the pumpkin version […]

Candy Review: Kit Kat Caramel

Ardent readers or Kit Kat fanatics will recall that Breanna wrote about the Japanese version of KitKat Caramel a year or so ago, and that it was her favorite out of several foreign KitKat varieties she tried. Well hold on to your kittens, ‘cuz a Kit Kat Caramel variety has now come to the USA. […]

Candy Review: Kit Kat White

My family raised me on dark chocolate. Everything good had to be dark chocolate – bars, covered raisins, even cookies. Milk chocolate was tolerated in my family, but was often considered only a viable alternative when dark chocolate could not be found. However, white chocolate was banned. I am not sure what my parents had […]

The KitKat/Kit Kat Conundrum

If you happened to have been sitting at your computer all day last Thursday, constantly refreshing our site (and I’m sure many of you do), you would have noticed something odd. On Breanna’s Japanese KitKat review, the spelling of KitKat kept changing between Kit Kat and KitKat. What you couldn’t see was a feverish effort […]

New candy from Japan: Naked Kit Kats

(picture from Wikipedia) These are also know as Kit Kat Crispy Monogatari and according to this ebay auction, they are limited edition and just came out in Japan earlier this month. They are essentially Kit Kats without the outer chocolate coating and according to Wikipedia, are a newer version of Kit Kat Crispy Sando (Sandwich). […]