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Candy Review: Kinder Country

Kinder is a line of Italian chocolate by Ferrero that has a pretty wide distribution. It’s pretty popular all over Europe and you can find several varieties, including Kinder Bueno and the infamous Kinder Surprise, here in the United States. I spotted this Kinder Country in a local store and decided to give it a […]

Candy Review: Kinder Surprise Egg

I used to love Cracker Jacks. Actually, let me clarify – I loved the prizes and the peanuts (which were too scarce, if you ask me), but the caramel corn? Not so much. Really, what’s not to love about a sweet treat accompanied by a little surprise? Imagine my delight, then, when I discovered the […]

Candy Review: Kinder Bueno

Despite it being made in Italy, I picked up this Kinder Bueno candy bar in my local (US) supermarket. Kinder Bueno is described on the package as “2 individually wrapped bars. Crunchy wafers with creamy nut filling in milk chocolate”. The first thing I noticed is that while the package contains two bars (Twix style), […]

Candy Review: Katjes Kinder and Licorice Scotties

Today I received my very first month of selections from the Licorice of the Month Club from the good folks at Licorice International. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to dig in! This month’s selection brought me Katjes Kinder and Licorice Scotties. I decided to start with the Katjes Kinder. I chose them because I […]

Candy Review: Nunu Chocolates’ Bacon Toffee Bar

Fans of highly processed dime-a-dozen sweets, perhaps this particular indulgence isn’t up your alley. With just 8 ingredients (the majority of which most kindergarteners are familiar with), Nunu Chocolates’ Bacon Toffee Bar seems like far less of a devilish indulgence than what you might find at the checkout line of your local grocery store. Of […]