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Japanese Candy Review: Meiji Apricot Gummi

One thing that the Japanese confectioners do really well is their gummi candy. The many flavors, the soft chewy texture and the colorful packaging just lends to a wonderful candy eating experience. This is why I was so excited to find these charming Meiji Apricot gummis in a box of samples kindly sent to me […]

Japanese Candy Review: Pucchoco Almond and Chocolate

I love me some Japanese candy, and usually the Asian markets in my area have a good supply. But lamentably, I have never been able to locate the Puccho brand of chews. A unique texture combining the soft chew of Starburst with tiny balls of gummi and, sometimes, fizzy candy bits? Sign me up! And […]

Candy Review: Meiji Kaon Gummi

Gummi candies are all the rage in Japan right now. The summer heat has not yet dissipated, so to eat chocolate or anything temperature-sensitive is difficult. Gummi candies are the perfect solution when you need your sugar fix and the temperatures aren’t cooperating. was kind enough to send me samples of Meiji’s Kaon, a […]

Candy Review: Ramune Melon Puccho Gummi

Puccho and Ramune are two iconic summer treats in Japan. Puccho is a chewy candy (think Starburst) that is known for the gummi pieces worked into it for extra chew. This particular variety is flavored like melon Ramune, an extremely popular Japanese soft drink. The bottle is very cool. It’s a blue plastic tube that […]

Gummi Condoms

(photo by Flickr user GOD) There are many gross gummi candies I can eat: worms, fish, spiders, rats, brains, and eyeballs. There is one gummi candy I don’ t think I could bring myself to eat: gummi condoms. Everyone say it with me: “EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” I stumbled on this picture on Flickr a while back but […]