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Candy Review: Albanese Beeps Gummi Bears

As part of my job I have to travel to Florida several times a year. For someone who hates sun, sand, and heat, it isn’t exactly a dream come true. One of the few things that make the trips bearable are my mandatory excursions to Fresh Market and their gourmet candy section. On my last […]

Candy Review: Muddy Bears – Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears

Gummi bears are pretty much irresistible and chocolate is a cherished treat. When I spotted a box of chocolate-covered gummi bears”, I felt excited and had to give them a try! The box says, “New! The original Muddy Bears chocolate covered gummi bears”. I should have known something was amiss when it said ‘new’ and […]

Retro Flashback: Gummi Bears Cartoon

I don’t know what made me think of this the other day, but does everyone remember the Gummi Bears cartoon? It was a bunch of lovable Gummi Bears living in medieval times and trying to thwart Duke Igthorn and his ogres’ evil attempts at capturing the Gummis and their magic. Drinking GummiBerry Juice made them […]

Candy Review: Surf Sweets Sour Berry Bears

I previously reviewed all of the products from Surf Sweets, the gummi candy company that produces an assortment of organic, “healthier” candies that are also vegetarian and vegan friendly. At least, I thought I had reviewed everything they produce. At the All Candy Expo, I approached the Surf Sweets booth and began chatting with the […]

Star Trek Gummies: To Boldly Go Where No Gummy Has Gone Before…

Coming this April, new Star Trek Gummies! They’ll debut just before the new movie comes out. Check out the cool box and (you know it’s coming)… Live Long and Prosper! March 27, 2009, Santa Monica, CA – Taste of Nature, Inc. the manufacturer of Cookie Dough Bites, Muddy Bears, Sqwigglies, The Simpsons Fruit Snacks, Cotton […]