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Candy Review: Tropical Chewy Lemonhead & Friends

I think if you were to look at the latest generational candy trends, you’d see that the combining of flavors is in. Think of the recent additions to product lines like Skittles Crazy Cores and others. As such, there was certainly no shortage of candy mixing at the All Candy Expo. Gum, mints, gummies… it’s […]

Candy Review: Black Forest Swirly Gummy Bears

My first encounter with gummy bears occurred in junior high when a widespread gambling craze swept the school. My friends Rob and Steve and I would save our lunch money by eating only Haribo Gummi Gold Bears that we bought at the nearby convenience store so we could gamble away our quarters. Ah, youth is […]

Retro Candy Flashback: Boston Baked Beans

I was promenading the candy aisle at Ralph’s. You know, the one with those bulk candy tubs proclaiming No Sampling!, but it’s un-American not to try some. Having “sampled” this or that from about every tub, the one candy I hadn’t tried was Boston Baked Beans. All I remember about them as a kid was […]

All Candy Expo Wrap Up – Jamie

I’ve only been home for a few days, but I already miss the All Candy Expo. It was strange to wake up on Friday morning and not take a train to a magical place where Willy Wonka danced around the aisles, where giant caramel creams hung suspended from the ceiling, where bins of Atomic Fireballs […]

Candy Review: Chewy Lemonhead & Friends

Given that they were “born” in 1962, Lemonheads have aged pretty well. However, the iconic candy from Ferrara Pan has had a bit of a make-over. Along with his friends Orangehead, Applehead, Grapehead and Cherryhead, they’ve all gone chewy! I had high hopes for this candy re-invention, as I’ve always loved Lemonheads and I figured […]