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Dum-Dums (My Favorite Flavor is Mystery)

OK world, are you listening? I want to tell you all something. You probably already knew this, but I wanted to make it official. Are you listening? OK… here goes… Dum-Dums. Are. Completely. Totally. Rad. No, you’re not shocked, but you are nodding your head in agreement! I knew it! I don’t remember my very […]

Halloween Story: Smarties or Dum-Dums?

I can’t remember where I heard this story. I may have read it in a magazine a long time ago…I’m not sure. I’m not sure if it really happened or not, but I’m going to tell it anyway because I think it’s cute whether it’s true or not: There was this math teacher that would […]

Name That Candy: Pineapple Knight’s Jousting Weapon Lollipop

Recently, we had another reader who was stumped about a candy she remembered and came to us to help figure it out. Here is what Rosario said: Can’t find this lollipop. It has three flavors the largest flavor was pineapple,then sour apple and the smallest amount of cherry. and it was cone shaped. Ok, that’s […]

Candy Review: Anastasia’s Coconut Patties

Candy eating can be a bit depressing this time of year. Halloween is over, and the only thing left in the bottom of your kids’ plastic pumpkins are butterscotch Dum Dum suckers and peppermint Star Brites. To make matters worse, the winter holidays are still far enough away that it requires real work to find […]

Retro Candy Flashback: Bit-O-Honey

In my day, I was an avid trick-or-treater. Straight through high school, pillowcases served as bags; loot was measured in pounds; and Snickers, Milky Ways, and Starbursts were blissfully consumed for months. Until that inevitable dark day, that is, when I would go to my closet after school, reach deep into my dwindling stash, and […]